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A marvellous menagerie of more than 200 animal poems by Aotearoa’s best writers, Roar Squeak Purr shows just how fun poetry can be and is sure to inspire a new generation of poets.

In between the covers of this book, you will meet creatures large and small. They might pad, skitter, swoosh or soar. They could be fuzzy, feathery, suckery, scaly or spiky. These animals might ROAR or squeak or Purrrrrrrrrr. Just like the animals they’re about, these poems come in all shapes and sizes! They tell stories, pose questions, make us feel things – and they all make glorious music.

If your kids think poetry isn’t for them, Roar Squeak Purr will cure that thought forever! This exuberant treasury brings together over 200 animal poems by New Zealand’s best writers, many of them written by children.

The poems were selected and edited by champion poet Paula Green, winner of the Prime Minister’s Award for Poetry and creator of the popular Poetry Box blog, and have been teamed with Jenny Cooper’s cheeky, whimsical and adorable illustrations.

Roar Squeak Purr is destined to be a family treasure – and to inspire a new generation of poets.

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Reader review: Hannah

Our family was lucky enough to get the opportunity to review the book Roar Squeak Purr – A New Zealand Treasury of Animal Poems for Kidspot NZ.

Our children’s ages are 8, 7, and 2 (almost 3). Books have always been a huge part of our daily routine since our kids were babies as well as being a way for us to self regulate and unwind especially our 8 year old son who’s autistic.

Roar Squeak Purr catered to all members of our family. The book was beautifully illustrated which kept our 2 year old’s attention, when sometimes she just wants to look at the picture, whilst many of the poems are at an age range / ability for our 8 and 7 year old to read.

Roar Squeak Purr
Roar Squeak Purr

I personally loved the range of different authors for the poems from familiar authors of books we have at home to poems written by children. The special addition of children’s ages near their poems really grabbed our older children’s attention and made them relate more to the book. As well as our 8 and 7 year old being excited to read the selection of cat poems, having a family cat of our own.

We loved that you could read as many or as little as you wanted at a time and the poems had a selection of sizes and so it kept the kids interested.

Sometimes they’d request me to read the longer poems if we’d read a few, but being a range of sizes with many beautiful illustrations I found it kept them wanting to come back and attempt reading some themselves – especially our autistic son who’s always loved books to self regulate but sometimes large words / paragraphs would put him off so the variety was perfect.

Roar Squeak Purr
Roar Squeak Purr

Animal poetry

We also loved that the book was grouped into 3 selections of Animal Poems being Water, Land and Air, which added a conversational topic outside of the book where the kids were guessing what animals could be in each. Also many of the poems having facts about animals had us talking as a family about other facts we knew or ones we loved learning. We loved the variety of poems about so many animals as each child was very excited to see there favourites being included in the book.

All in all if you have young readers, poem lovers or children interested in animals I would definitely recommend Roar, Squeak, Purr to add to your book collection. It brought our family together reading but also having wonderful topics to talk about that carried on outside of reading the book. The illustrations are stunning to look at and the book provides a great range for many age groups. Thank you for the opportunity to review this beautiful New Zealand Poem book, Roar Squeak Purr.

Roar Squeak Purr
Roar Squeak Purr

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