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Poet Ben Brown and illustrator Helen Taylor have created a beautiful bilingual counting board book for toddlers featuring the birds of Aotearoa, Pukeko Counts to 10.

From one snug pukeko to ten ghostly huia, let’s count Aotearoa’s beautiful birds in English and Māori!

With durable card leaves at a suitable size for little hands, and gorgeous page designs that assist developing minds with nature, number and word recognition, this New Zealand-themed board book is a perfect bedtime story and a very special gift.

Available in-store and online from 22 July 2022.

Indie (2 years) and her mum review Pukeko Counts to 10 below ⬇️

Counting with a toddler

Pukeko counts to 10

While she has mastered counting one to ten in English over the past six months, Indie (2) is learning to count in Māori at daycare at the moment so she absolutely loved this book. It’s a great size for little hands and has thick, durable card pages so there’s no risk of torn page casualties. With a toddler on the loose this is unfortunately a common occurrence with books in our house so it’s great to know that this one will survive longer than most.

Pukeko Counts to 10

As we read together, I was really surprised when she knew the next number before I even said it – in both English and Te Reo! She loves the bright colourful pictures and repeating the New Zealand bird names after me too. We’ve read it so many times that she’s already starting to identify the birds herself! This is such a gorgeous bilingual counting board book for toddlers and assists their developing minds with a combination of bright colours, beautiful designs, number and word recognition as well as learning about the birds of Aotearoa.

A great gift

This New Zealand-themed board book would make a great gift and is one I definitely recommend you have at home if your toddler is learning to count like Indie is. It makes learning so much fun and it’s amazing to see how quickly your toddler picks up the words and numbers.

Indie and mum Lu

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