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family pet care
family pet care

Adding a pet to the family is an exciting time, but there is more to owning a pet than snuggles. Make sure you’re ready to care for your pet with these tips and tricks – we’ve even curated some fun activities for the kids.

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Bringing home your new kitten

A kitten is a great first pet especially if you don’t have the space for a dog. To help easily introduce your kitten into your home, here are a few tips tried and tested by the experts.

  • Get your supplies ready: you’ll need a cat carrier, a litter tray, food and a bed. Kittens are full of energy so its great to have a scratching pole on hand and some colourful toys.
  • Let them roam: once home, open the cat carrier so they can explore when they’re ready. If your kitten is hesitant to come out, don’t panic, they may be a little nervous so will come out when they feel comfortable. Try not to play with them at first while they get used to their new home.
  • Introducing the family: don’t overwhelm your kitten by giving them snuggles from the outset, introduce them to the kids one at a time. Feeding is a great time to form new bonds and playtime can double as a fun way to connect with your kitten.

Pet activities