Make your own cat collar (and save the birds!)

These anti-predation cat collar covers are based on research which showed a significant reduction in the amounts of birds caught when cats were wearing a bright “scrunchy” type of collar. They are simple to make and can open up the discussion with your child about how pet cats affect our environment.

They slip on over the cats existing safety collar.

You will need:

  • 2 x pieces of bright fabric (about 25cm by 25 cm)
  • Scissors
  • A side dish (diameter about 19cm)
  • Small lid (diameter about 7.5cm)
  • A marker/ pen
  • Needle and thread

Watch the video below for a full tutorial from Erin Willson of ‘Making With Purpose’.

This craft was created by Erin Willson from Making With Purpose. “We buy little (and often reclaimed), use what we can find, and make things that have the purpose of bettering ourselves and the flora and fauna around us.”

Visit her Facebook page for more ideas.

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