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Whether you’ve got a teen entering their senior year or a little one starting their very first day, we’ve put together a comprehensive resource to help you make the transition out of school holidays and into study mode all the more easier.

Find lunchbox inspiration, checklists, info on buying devices plus tips and tricks for prepping your child for the school year.

school day

Preparing for the first day of school

Learn more about how to get your child ready for their first day of school ...
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school calendar

School term and holiday calendar

View school terms and holiday dates for primary, secondary and private and public schools ...
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Is your child ready to start school

Is your child ready to start school

School readiness varies from child to child. What year to send them to school can be one of the most difficult decisions to make ...
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5 tips for buying a school bag

New Zealand kids may be damaging their spines by carrying the wrong school bag. Here are some things to consider when buying a school bag or back pack ...
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The 2019 holiday hack saving you annual leave

There's currently a 'holiday hack' doing the rounds of the internet on how Monday to Friday workers may be able to get 10 days off in a row in 2019 ...
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back to school

50 clever back to school hacks to make life easier

Back to school hacks aimed to help us pull back on the sometimes ridiculous expectations we’ve set for ourselves and and streamline the way we do things ...
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Best breakfast nutrition for growing kids

After going 10-12 hours overnight without food, children's energy reserves are low and their bodies and perhaps more importantly their brains, need fuel ...
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hair style

Five fabulous nit-proof hairstyles

Nits. Lice. Head lice. If you have a school-aged child, chances are you have already experienced the hell of head lice. If not, it’s only a matter of time. Check ...
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Empowering our kids at school

How much responsibility do your children take for their everyday school life? Help them by making a few changes ready for the return to school ...
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10 things teachers wished you knew

A good parent/teacher relationship is important for making the most of the school year. Here are ten things your child's teacher wished you knew ...
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What to do with your child’s leftovers

The ultimate guide to using up your child's leftover food, ...

The famous Hutt Hospital muesli recipe

Thanks to the power of social media, the secret is ...
Quick breakfasts for your morning sloth

Quick breakfasts for your morning sloth

Do you have a battle at every breakfast when one ...