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back to school

Whether you’ve got a teen entering their senior year or a little one starting their very first day, we’ve put together a comprehensive resource to help you make the transition out of school holidays and into study mode all the more easier.

Find lunchbox inspiration, checklists, info on buying devices plus tips and tricks for prepping your child for the school year.

school health

Keeping kids healthy throughout the school year

To make sure your little academic can make the most of the school year, we’ve put together a few ways ...
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10 healthy lunch box recipes (they’ll actually eat)

Say goodbye to half-eaten lunches with these great recipes. Not only do they taste delicious - they're also healthy and ...
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back to school

Kids are back at school for Term 4!

Help the kids make the most of the last term in the classroom for 2020 🎓

In our school zones, you’ll find information to help make the school day easier along with at-home learning resources to help them with their homework, lunch box recipes, and more. Click through some of our top school zones below and support local businesses by searching for products and services in our directory.

back to school

Tips For Transitioning Back to School

Returning to school after a lockdown due to a global pandemic is a lot different to returning to school after school holidays and you may be surprised by your child's ...
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Getting Kids Fighting Fit For The Return To School

Give a boost to your child's general immunity to help reduce the number of viruses and illnesses that they may pick up with these tips on how to get the ...
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Motivation for School

Motivate your child to achieve success at school with these tips for parents from psychologist Justin Coulson ...
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printable resources

Help them hone their skills and reach these learning milestones. 

We have a number of printable handwriting activities, math worksheets, spelling bee words and more to help your child make the most of their education.

Check out some of our most popular resources below ⬇️


It’s time to get ready for Back to School so why not start with lunches?

Check out some of favourite lunchbox recipes below and if you need a little more inspiration, we have a tonne of back to school lunchbox ideas to satisfy even the fussiest little foodie!