Spelling bee words 11-12 years

Make spelling fun with a spelling bee – they will not only improve their spelling skills, but also their literacy and reading!

Easy spelling words

To help ease your child into mastering everyday words, we’ve put together a list of words to get them started.

Easy spelling words for 11-12 year olds

able, aftermath, afternoon, appear, attack, attend, bicycle, breakfast, brightly, cabbage, cable, carpenter, channel, circle, climb, comfort, comical, confirm, construct, curtain, customer, damage, decide, delight, disappear, discover, empty, encourage, entertain, equal, exactly, forever, fruit, fuel, group, guard, guest, guide, guitar, handle, health, heart, heavily, helmet, idea, kindness, level, locket, lumber, magic, melon, meter, money, motor, mountain, partner, perfect, perhaps, personal, plastic, pocket, protect, provide, railway, record, reward, shoulder, socket, stranger, stroll, subject, suit, supply, temper, theatre, total, toward, treatment, useful, vacant, windy, writer.

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Medium difficulty spelling words

Once they’ve mastered the easy words, ramp up their vocabulary and help them learn to spell longer words and those pesky ones with silent letters.

Medium difficulty spelling words for 11-12 year olds

activity, afterthought, apartment, appoint, approve, beginner, boundary, breathe, calendar, caption, clothe, colony, competition, concern, condition, creature, crouton, currency, cycle, devotion, disguise, dishonest, distance, disuse, eager, education, exist, famous, feather, feature, fiction, fragile, friction, grateful, guardian, household, increase, industry, invention, junction, junior, lawyer, management, mayor, meanwhile, memorable, mention, metal, mightily, minister, nature, neither, option, pardon, passenger, pickle, picture, pleasure, popular, proceed, produce, professor, property, quartet, reason, recess, reduce, reduction, reply, route, scene, scent, stolen, supporter, sweater, teachable, televise, though, thread, tidal, triple, victory, volcano, wealth, weather, weird, wilderness, wrist.

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Challenging spelling words

These words aren’t as easy as they sound but they’ve give your child a great understanding of words they’ll end up using in their school work as they get older.

Difficult spelling words for 11 to 12 year olds

achieve, acoustics, action, advertisement, anoint, apparel, appliance, awkward, burglar, calculator, capital, ceiling, cemetery, conscious, constant, detrimental, dominant, eighth, exasperating, excel, exert, exhale, extravagant, facility, faucet, frugal, jealous, language, leather, manageable, medallion, medicinal, overrule, precious, preferred, pronounce, propel, receive, recitation, reign, retrieve, significance, similar, simplicity, sleight, texture, territory, treachery, vain, valiant, veil, vein, virtue, visual, wren, wring.

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