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When the kids get a good, restful night’s sleep, everybody wins! But sometimes your child’s sleep (and therefore your own) can be elusive or disrupted due to a myriad of reasons. To help Kidspot families to support sleep for their kids, we gave them the opportunity to trial artemis Kid’s Settle & Sleep. Check out some of their reviews and success stories here.

New artemis Kid’s Settle & Sleep is 100% natural and scientifically formulated to help settle and relax kids aged 2 – 12 years and support calm and restorative sleep. The great taste of mandarin combined with being a liquid makes it easy and convenient to administer, and it’s fast-acting. The combination of chamomile, passionflower and lavender not only supports sleep but chamomile is also known for supporting digestion.

Find out more about the non-addictive long-term sleep support that artemis Kid’s Settle & Sleep can provide by visiting and check out the feedback below from Kidspot reviewers.

I’m enjoying getting some extra sleep too!

“I have tried this the last few nights for my almost 6-year-old daughter. She has a really hard time falling asleep. She explains to me that her brain just won’t turn off. She goes to bed about 7.30 and sometimes she’s can stay awake until 10.30-11pm. The first night I tried this I gave her one dose and she was asleep within 40mins. I was mind blown. The next night she was asleep within an hour. The max she lasts on this is 2 hours, which makes me super happy. It has made bed times so much easier and I’m enjoying getting some extra sleep too!


Will definitely continue to purchase this

“Have been using this mainly with my 6-year-old who suffers from low-level anxiety around falling asleep. It seems to be working for her. I took the bottle away on school camp for my 10-year-old – each night I gave her some and she fell asleep well before the other children. Another parent asked to use it for her child who was struggling with sleeping, and they believed it worked too! Both older children did not like the taste, but were happy to take it, knowing it was helping them. Will definitely continue to purchase this.”


I can’t remember the last time they slept that late

“With two very active boys aged 7 and 8, and one who is neurodiverse, we are willing to try anything designed to calm and relax! We’ve been using it for less than a week but we are definitely noticing a difference. My youngest fell asleep on me last night for the first time since he was a baby! Not only that but both boys slept until 7:30am today, compared to the usual 6am and as I can’t remember the last time they slept that late, I’m thinking that can’t be a coincidence! In terms of taste, one loved it and one hated it, I had a little taste also and quite liked it, it’s definitely unusual with the herby vibe but it’s sweet and like the mandarin vibe.

artemis Kid's Settle & Sleep

Definitely keen to keep going on this one and might see how it goes to calm our ASD boy during the day when needed.”


Calmer, relaxed and quieter

“We followed the instructions and gave it 1 hour before bed time. From the very first night neither were keen on the taste, however they continued to take it for the week and would have a small sip of water afterwards to “wash it down”. I think its helped our 3.5-year-old, he seems to be asleep within 15 minutes (provided he doesn’t sneak in a day sleep). For my 7-year-old bed time seems calmer/relaxed/quieter and he doesn’t come out asking a million questions however he’s still not falling asleep until 9pm. I’m willing to try it for another week and perhaps do one dose 1 hour beforehand and a second dose right before bed.

artemis Kid's Settle & Sleep

We have only tried kids night time magnesium pills on the 7-year-old and they don’t seem to have much effect on him. If children prefer a syrup over a pill then I would definitely suggest this product, [I] appreciate how natural it is and free from so many allergens and artificial things.

Hayley Roil

Sleepy and calm

artemis Kid's Settle & Sleep

“I have a 9-year-old and nearly 3-year-old. Both of them I struggle to get down in the evening, it just drags for them to fall asleep, no matter what we try or adjust it is always a long night. They also have a tendency to wake up at least 3 times in the night and struggle to get back to sleep.

We didn’t see any difference the first few days, but on day 4 we saw a difference. We started with 1 dose an hour before bed and then moved it to 20min before bed. We noticed that falling asleep went from 45min plus once in bed to 10min after day 4. They both seemed to be a little less all over the place in the evening and a little more focused.

I had a taste of it and it has a pleasant taste, no actual flavour I can pin point. The 9-year-old says it tastes of lavender and the nearly 3-year-old said it tastes like peach. The 9-year-old says it makes him feel sleepy and calm. The nearly 3-year-old has no comment on how it makes him feel haha!”


Instantly felt results

“My 11 year old son trailed the product of Artemis Kids settle and sleep to see if it would help to get to sleep quicker and stay asleep. My son is first year at Intermediate which brings a higher workload, stress of a bigger school and more sporting opportunities. Knowing how important sleep is for my tween to succeed at school was a reason we wanted to trail this product.

He said “it tasted fine, just like cough syrup”. The first weekend [he] took it twice each night and instantly he felt results. Going to sleep as soon as he has read, and stayed asleep all night.

artemis Kid's Settle & Sleep

We believe this product worked extremely well with only one week trialed, and will definitely continue to use.”


Afternoon got a whole lot better

“I have a 2-year-old and a 3-year-old and bedtimes have been so tricky lately that we have resorted to long drives to get the girls asleep.

I thought the first night may have been a fluke when we didn’t end up with children in our bed. However, we forgot it the second night and had 2 visitors in the night. They both are a lot more settled within our nighttime routine and falling asleep much faster so that’s great.

My 2 year old was having a rough afternoon one day and so as per the box, I gave her a daytime dose and her afternoon got a whole lot better.

artemis Kid's Settle & Sleep

I will be continue using this product and can see it being a must-have in my cupboard alongside the other artemis products I keep on hand.”


Much more relaxed by bedtime

“I was particularly hoping that this would help one of my 8-year-old twins who is really struggling with getting to sleep at the moment. It can sometimes take him till 10/10.30 to drift off. The first couple of nights we didn’t notice much difference for him, but I then re read the instructions about taking it 30mins to an hour before bed and I think that is the trick to it. Now that he’s taking a double dose an hour before bed he’s much more relaxed by bedtime and the past couple of nights has been asleep by 9pm which is great.

It’s not a magic fix but nothing ever is, but we will definitely continue with this bottle and longer if it carries on helping him to relax and fall asleep easier.”


Snoring on the couch!

“Mr 6 … is going through a patch of hyperactiveness at bedtime every night which has been causing chaos every evening. [Afer use] he has settled significantly faster and more efficiently, and I have torn much less hair out (my own) every evening- winning!! The flavour of the syrup isn’t terrible but I had to mix it with a small amount of juice each dose to get it in him. Overall I am very happy with the results. I should also note that my husband tried this one evening and was snoring on the couch 30 mins later!”


The calming effects

“I’ve been using artemis Sleep & Settle for 5 nights in a row on our son, 11 years. Despite initial reluctance, he’s now happily taking it. I have found giving him 1 teaspoon an hour before bed and another teaspoon 30 mins before is working well and since it’s just a teaspoon it’s easy to get it down in one go. It has a herbal fragrance and flavour to it but it’s pleasant and quite sweet tasting which is interesting given it has no sugars or sweeteners in it, which I loved.

I have noticed an improvement in the time it takes him to get to sleep and he’s not getting up after going to bed at all now which is fantastic. By the third night, he mentioned he felt like going to sleep was easier and he seemed calmer about going to bed so a big win for us and given it’s herbal based with no sugar I am going to continue giving it to him – he is quite hyperactive so the calming effects could be just what he needs to help settle down for the night.”


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Reviewers were provided with 1 x bottle of artemis Kid’s Settle & Sleep for the purpose of the review. Views are those of the reviewer. This article contains information provided by artemis.

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  1. maryke.schneider 20/04/2024 at 9:39 am

    We are very happy to see the wonderful, positive reviews posted here. Unfortunately my 2 boys only had the Artemis settle & sleep for 2 nights. I couldn’t get it into them, they just didn’t like the taste. It was a too short stint to see any real improvement for these 2 boys busy boys.
    Thanks for letting us have a go.

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