30 ways to feed a crowd

When there are lots of mouths to feed, you need a recipe that will do three things:

  • Have ingredients that are cheap and readily available
  • Be easy to make
  • Taste yum

Fortunately, Kidspot has enough meal ideas that satisfy all of the above. Enough, in fact, for a whole month of catering for a crowd (if you feel the urge). So, whether it’s a planned nosh up or a last-minute panicked affair, grab your biggest pots, your largest platters and ready … steady … COOK!



1. Easy chilli con carne

This Mexican fave just has to be served in a bowl with some plain rice to take the edge off its chilli kick. Great news for hostesses with a queue of hungry diners as it’s easy to make and perfect crowd fodder. There’s only one word for it. YARIBA!

2. Chorizo fried rice

A little flavour goes a loooong way which is why the chorizo in this fried rice dish is such a hit. So quick to make and you don’t need a lot of this spicy sausage to conjure up a big pan of deliciousness.

3. Tuna and rice casserole

The important thing about cooking for a crowd is knowing that it’s easy to make, it’ll taste good and it won’t bust your budget. Tuna and rice fit the bill in this tasty casserole. Dig in.

4. Satay chicken noodles

This delicious recipe uses ingredients from your pantry and with slurpable 2 minute noodles the kids love it too. Too easy.

5. Bolognaise rice bake

Turn leftover rice into a genius bake that will happily feed a crowd with this cheesy Italian-inspired recipe. Buon appetito!

  • Here’s the recipe for this superstar bolognaise rice bake.

6. Lemon and spinach risotto with fish fillets

So here’s the thing. Risotto is a great one to make while you talk to your guests (chat, add another ladle of stock, stir and repeat) while the fact you pop some fish fillets on top means you can make it s-t-r-e-t-c-h. Love that in a recipe.



7. Cheesy three-veg pasta bake

It’s a bake, it’s cheesy and it’s got three veg in it – need I say more?

8. Chicken and cheese pasta bake

I love this one because the more people I have coming, the more pasta and shredded barbecue chicken I can add to make this the bake that beats all others. Do try it.

  • Try this incredible-expanding chicken and cheese pasta bake with the recipe here.

9. Butternut pumpkin and goats cheese pasta bake

Great for vegos or if you’ve got a dining table that’s fit to burst on a Meat-free Monday, this yummy pasta dish works just as well as a side.

10. Garlic prawn pasta

A bag of frozen prawns goes a long, long way with this creamy, garlicky pasta sauce. Perfect for when you have unexpected guests with rumbling tums.

11. Tomato creamy pasta

Oh, come on now. Who doesn’t love a simple tomato sauce on their pasta? This one has the addition of cream to give it a bit more oomph so grab a couple of cans of toms and you’re good to go. Easy. As.

12. Chicken lasagne

You can’t go past a lasagne when it comes to cooking up a storm. This one uses lean chicken mince with plenty of vegetables which kids, in particular, will wolf down.

  •  Up the kids’ veggie quota with the hidden good stuff in this chicken lasagne.

Hearty salads

13. Pumpkin, feta and chickpea salad

The sweetness of roast pumpkin with the salty tang of feta is sublime. And the chickpeas? Well, they add just enough of a carby-protein hit to make this a main meal taste triumph.

  • Enjoy this pumpkin, feta and chickpea salad recipe by clicking here.

14. Warm chicken, avocado and mango salad

Chicken and avo are a match made in heaven in my book but add mango to the mix and you, my crowd-feeding friend, just took this summery salad to a whole new tropical level.

  • Try this crowd-pleasing warm chicken, avocado and mango salad recipe here.

15. Lamb kofta kebabs with mint salad

You can’t just beat a kebab for dinner. These come with the real star of the show; a fresh, minty salad whose flavours burst in your mouth. One word: YUM.

16. Tuna and cannellini bean salad

A couple of tins of tuna, a couple of tins of beans and you have yourself a hearty salads that goes down a treat. And the best bit? So simple, so good.

17. Sausage salad

Oh please! What is there not to love about a snag salad? Cook ‘em up beforehand, add some leftover roast veggies et voilà! Dinner for 10? No problem.

18. Thai beef salad with noodles

My ears prick up when noodles are mentioned for any recipe that has them as their basis is ideal for doubling (or tripling) when I’m catering en masse. This Thai beef version is a meaty masterpiece.

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19. Easy lamb curry

Tender chunks of melt-in-the-mouth lamb, cooked in a rich sauce spiced to your taste. Sigh. The joy of a one-pot meal.

  • Find the recipe for this easy lamb curry here.

20. Cauliflower, pumpkin and pea curry

I’ve cooked this veggie curry for confirmed carnivores and let me tell you, they chowed down on it. Bowls were clean and tums were full. Result.

21. Thai chicken curry

Everyone has their own favourite chicken curry recipe. This is mine. To my mind, the teaspoon of coconut essence makes all the difference.

  • Click here for the Thai chicken curry recipe.

22. Chicken and potato curry

This is quite mild for a curry and the perfect introduction to curries for spice-avoiding kids. Nice for when they bring pals home for tea.

23. Spicy beef curry

One for all the spice aficionados out there. It’s beefy, it’s spicy. Nothing more to be said.

24. Fish curry

This is a great one to make for hungry people when fish is on special at the supermarket. I’d go for firm white fish fillets, such as ling, so they don’t fall apart in the sauce.



25. Quick chicken casserole

This cheat’s casserole is quick because the sauce is made from a can of condensed soup. Do so love to turn a sneaky trick in the kitchen.

  • Find the recipe for this quick chicken casserole here.

26. Slow cooker beef bourguignon

Great for a big winter dinner party, this is done in the slow cooker which makes it even easier on you. Succulent beef in a  smoky red wine sauce? Don’t if we (all) do.

27. Slow cooker Italian chicken stew

Dry white wine and a good sprinkle of fresh rosemary give this simple casserole a decidedly Mediterranean flavour. Serve with creamy mash, polenta or pasta to make the most of those delicious juices.

  • Try this slow cooker Italian chicken recipe here.

28. Mexican bean bake

Let the vegetarians get a look in with this healthy Mexican bean bake that marries capsicum, sweetcorn and beans with a hint of smoked paprika and cumin. It’s Mexican cooking without the fuss.

29. Tomato, fish and potato stew

This is the lazy/busy cook’s version of the French classic fish casserole bouillabaisse, but without all the palaver. Adding the spuds make this a complete meal in a bowl. Win!

30. Lamb and sweet potato stew

Sweet potato goes so well with lamb and this stew makes the most of this fine flavour pairing. Perfect for colder nights.

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