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Welcome to our Young Readers Corner, a place for you to find fun books for kids aged 5 – 13 years old.

Join us each month as we travel to magical lands, become outlaws, go on wild adventures, meet curious characters and work to grow our imagination.

We’ll be featuring real reviews from Kiwi kids telling us what they’re reading and why your kids might love it too. Plus, you can enter to win new books each month!

New reads

Curious creatures, far off lands and the ultimate adventure await kids who read our latest must-read books. See what these Kiwi kids have to say about these hero books of the month.

Starminster by Megan Hopkins

Book Review | Starminster by Megan Hopkins

Take flight on "Starminster", a beautifully-written, epic and soaring new adventure, perfect for fans of The Golden Compass, Skandar, and ...
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The Deadlands: Survival

Book Review | The Deadlands: Survival by Skye Melki-Wegner

"The Deadlands: Survival" is the third book in this epic, adventurous dinosaur series and is out now! Dinosaurs fight for ...
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Finding Bear by Hannah Gold

Book Review | Finding Bear by Hannah Gold

Finding Bear is the unmissable follow-up to the phenomenal bestselling and award-winning The Last Bear. The story is perfect for ...
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Our kids are reading…

Murray and Bun - Murray the Viking book review
Murray and Bun - Murray the Viking book review
Murray and Bun - Murray the Viking book review
Murray and Bun - Murray the Viking book review
Murray and Bun - Murray the Viking book review

Adventure lies beyond the cat flap! Meet your favourite new duo: Murray and Bun!

Murray is a cat. Murray loves snoozing, fluffy blankets, and peace and quiet.

Bun is a bun. Bun loves … EVERYTHING!

And together they are unstoppable!

Sometimes Murray’s enchanted cat flap leads to the garden … but mostly it leads to ADVENTURE!

And when Murray and Bun travel through the cat flap and find themselves in a land of Vikings, they’re given a very important mission: to travel to Troll Island and rescue Eggrik the Viking … if he hasn’t already been gobbled up by the trolls, that is.

Perfect for newly independent readers and fans of Bunny vs Monkey, Dog Man, Adventure Mice and Claude, this funny, exciting, and hugely loveable story – brilliantly illustrated throughout – will delight adventure-lovers young and old. After all, heroes come in all shapes and sizes!

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