Book Review | The Blunders by David Walliams

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Million-copy bestseller David Walliams’ funniest book yet is the laugh-out-loud tale of the most blundering and lovable family in history – The Blunders! Keep reading to find out how to win a copy!

Meet the Blunders: Bertie, Betsy, their children, Brutus and Bunny, along with their beloved grandma Old Lady Blunder, and their pet ostrich, Cedric. An ostrich is not a sensible pet, but then the Blunders are not sensible people.

This family of upper-class twits lives in a crumbling country house named Blunder Hall. When their home comes under threat, they must embark on a series of comic misadventures to save it.

Absurd and hilarious, The Blunders is David Walliams’ funniest book yet. A laugh-out-loud tale of the most blundering and lovable family in history.

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The Blunders by David Walliams

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Read reviews from our Young Readers!

Book review by Tomas, 10 years

Hello, my name is Tomas and I reviewed the book The Blunders, by David Walliams.

David Walliams is my favourite author and once again he has star-struck me with another one of his books called The Blunders.

It was so funny the different ways the family tried to save their house which was called Blunder Hall. Do you think they will be able to save their house? Read the book yourself to find out.

I think this book is for boys and girls aged 7-13. I enjoy all David Walliams books and I can’t wait till he writes another masterpiece.

The Blunders David Walliams book review

Thank you Kidspot NZ for allowing me to be a lucky kid to read and review this book.

Book review by Fin, 12 years

Hi, I’m Fin and I am reviewing The Blunders by David Walliams.

This book is an excellent example of the great abilities of the award-winning author David Walliams.

The Blunders is hilarious and lives up to its expectation as there were a lot of parts in the book which had me laughing out loud. The book has a lot of characters who each had distinct personalities which made the book very hard to predict.

Overall I think that this book is up there with one of David Walliams’s best books. I would highly recommend this book for the ages of 7 to 10.

The Blunders David Walliams book review

Book review by Ihaia, 10 years

The Blunders is the newest book by David Walliams, and it’s illustrated by Adam Stower. This book is about a family called the Blunders. They live in Blunder Hall and they are the most blundersome family in the world. They are ridiculously silly, and Lord Blunder, Lady Blunder, Bunny, Brutus and Old Lady Blunder are always getting into crazy accidents. But one day a little man from the bank comes along and tells them he is going to turn their house into a borstal (which is a prison for naughty children). What can they do to stop it? Can they save Blunder Hall before it’s too late? Read The Blunders to find out!

The Blunders David Walliams book review

I liked The Blunders because it was really funny in some parts, and I’m a big David Walliams fan. The Blunders is a great book so I give it a 9/10. I would recommend it to you if you like David Walliams or other funny books that make you laugh out loud.

Book review by Leo, 10 years

The Blunders, written by David Walliams and illustrated by Adam Stower, is a new chapter book for kids.

It is about a family who live in a big, run-down mansion. The father likes to invent things and believes his latest invention would be very popular. He asks the bank to lend him the money and bets his house that lots of people will buy his invention. Unfortunately, the invention doesn’t sell well and the bank decides to claim the Blunders’ family home. The family need to work together to save their home and the book is about their journey to stay in the home they love.

The Blunders David Walliams book review

The story is very funny and made me laugh a lot. The pictures in the book were great and helped me understand the story. I read the book so fast as it was really enjoyable! I have read a lot of David Walliams books and The Blunders is now definitely one of my favourites!

Book review by Cadie, 11 years

Eye spy with my little eye, something that begins with B … is it Blunder? How did you know!?

The Blunders is filled with lots of mini stories about a crazy family (plus Butler the Butler and a goofy ostrich called Cedric). When Blunder Hall is threatened by the Bank Man, the Blunder family comes together (well … sometimes!) to try and save it.

Exploding bottom burps, life-sized board games, a ghost cat called Tiddlypops, a knicker circus and more makes this a book you want to read.

10/10 – I loved it!

The Blunders David Walliams book review

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