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Parenting advice for mums and dads of school aged children – all about helping your child deal with school challenges and difficulties, and raising a healthy child.

Fruit and veg for kids health

Why Fruits & Veggies Are Essential For School Kids Health

The school-age years are marked by rapid growth, both physically and mentally. Fruits and vegetables ...
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Lunch boxes

Choosing The Best School Lunch Box, Drink Bottle & Accessories

Avoid the trial and error of choosing a lunch box and drink bottle with our ...
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Latest in school


Confidence begins with the basics
After-school learning programmes with Kumon

Confident learners have an advantage. Kumon students get the basics right before progressing to more advanced work. Have a confident start to 2024 with Kumon Mathematics and English. 

Find out how Kumon can develop in your child: 

  • calculation and reading ability 
  • concentration 
  • a daily study and reading habit 
  • the confidence to learn independently 
To find out more, search for your local Kumon Centre here

At-home learning

Need a few new ways to encourage learning in your home? We’ve put together a great range of online and at-home resources to aid their growing education.

Check out some of our most popular resources and find printable math and spelling activities, watch some fun videos, find online resources for curious kids and more in our online learning hub.

School support

Help the kids make the most of their time in the classroom 🎓

In our school zones, you’ll find information to help make the school day easier along with at-home learning resources to help them with their homework, lunch box recipes, and more. Click through some of our top school zones below and support local businesses by searching for products and services in our directory.

Lunchbox ideas


5 Fantastic Sandwich Alternatives For The Lunch Box

It's easy to fall into a groove when packing lunches every day. Avoid sandwich saturation ...
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10 Ways to Add Flavour to the Lunchbox

Kids can get bored of the same school lunches over and over again, so colour ...
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8 Great Lunchbox Snack Ideas

Lunchbox snacks need to be healthy, tasty and adhere to school guidelines. Find out how ...
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Printable worksheets

Behaviour & development