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Parenting advice for mums and dads of school aged children – all about helping your child deal with school challenges and difficulties, and raising a healthy child.

Pause Breathe Smile

Pause Breathe Smile

It's important that our children have a healthy mind to help them navigate life's challenges ...
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10 healthy lunch box recipes (they’ll actually eat)

Say goodbye to half-eaten lunches with these great recipes. Not only do they taste delicious ...
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kids homework

5 Online Education Resources For Curious Minds

Whether you have a child who just loves to learn or you’re home-schooling for a ...
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Growing healthy minds

Life is a series of emotional ups and downs and to safely navigate these, and meet the challenges of a rapidly changing and uncertain world, our children need to be equipped with awesome mind health skills.

That’s where Pause Breathe Smile with Southern Cross (PBS) comes in. PBS is a mind health programme specifically designed for schools to help equip Kiwi school kids, aged 5 to 12, with the tools they need to navigate the ups and downs of life.

Want to find out how to get Pause Breathe Smile into your school? Click here.

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Help the kids make the most of the last term in the classroom for 2020 🎓

In our school zones, you’ll find information to help make the school day easier along with at-home learning resources to help them with their homework, lunch box recipes, and more. Click through some of our top school zones below and support local businesses by searching for products and services in our directory.

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8 great lunchbox snack ideas

Lunchbox snacks need to be healthy, tasty and adhere to school guidelines. Find out how ...
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