10 Ways to Add Flavour to the Lunchbox

Kids can get bored of the same school lunches over and over again, so colour and variety are key and a few healthy, homemade treats will go a long way. All out of ideas? Here are a few to keep your kids snack-happy.

Frozen berries

Try freezing berries and grapes for a cool snack. Just make sure you put them in a sandwich bag or container so they don’t leak when thawing.

Different sandwich fillings

Cut sandwiches into shapes to keep things interesting. Flatbreads, bagels or mini rolls are great alternatives to sliced breads. Try different fillings like cooked chicken and coleslaw; tuna salad mix (drained canned tuna, corn, mayonnaise and chopped spring onion); Swiss cheese and salad; egg with mayonnaise and shredded lettuce; or hummus and freshly grated beetroot and carrot. You can also try layering bread and fillings like a club sandwich and then cutting into fingers.

Lettuce cups

Send the kids off with some cooked chicken, rice or any leftover veggies for them to roll up in iceberg lettuce “cups”, with a drizzling of Hoisin sauce.

Biscuits and dips

Add dry biscuits, grissini sticks or crackers to lunch boxes, with a couple of different dips and some cheese cubes.

Sandwich alternatives

Leftover fritters or frittata are nice alternatives to a sandwich.

Mini quiches

Make a batch of ham and cheese mini quiches with store-bought pastry. You can freeze these and just thaw them out the night before.

Yoghurt pots

Make your own flavoured yoghurt pots by swirling some maple syrup or honey in a small pot of Greek yoghurt. Sprinkle with some toasted muesli or dried fruits and seeds.


Pikelets (bought or made) can be a nice alternative to sweet biscuits. Top with some ricotta and honey or a thin spread of jam.


Kids just love creamy pasta and pasta bakes. Simply cook some pasta and add tuna, sliced celery, cucumber and chives, and then dress with either mayonnaise or yoghurt with a little mustard and lemon.

Healthy snacks

Make your own “trail mix” with dried fruits, nuts and seeds. You can also create healthy snack balls by blending fresh dates, cocoa, honey and some seeds or toasted nuts and then rolling in desiccated coconut.

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