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We’ve compiled some lists of our favourite films that we think your kids will love too, as well as tips for encouraging a love of books.

the wish

The Wish by Nicholas Sparks | Book Review

Whether you need a good cry or you have someone in your life who loves a good romance, Nicholas Sparks ...
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escape from planet earth

5 Netflix Films For Kids Who Love Adventure

Do your little ones love adventure? Sit them down with some popcorn and let their minds run wild with these ...
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Camp by Kayla Miller

Camp by Kayla Miller | Kids Book Review

Olive is sure she'll have the best time at camp with her friend Willow - but while Olive makes quick ...
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Puffin’s Book Club

Join our Puffin’s Book Club, a place where we discover magical adventures, fascinating characters, explore worlds and learn all sorts of facts in our Books of the Month, written to spark a lifelong love of reading in our little ones.

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Tips for Taking Kids to the Movies

Taking the kids to the movies sounds like fun, provided battling with snack bar wish-lists, toilet trips and kids on sugar-highs don't scare you. Try our tips to make it ...
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pirate movies

The best pirate movies for kids

The top ten best pirate movies for kids. Pirate movies for kids make great viewing for the whole family - boys, girls, mums and dads ...
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Must-see family movies of 2019

Get a sneak peek at the best family movies coming up in 2019 and plan your cinema must-sees ...
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Little readers corner

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Spellbound Ponies

Spellbound Ponies Sugar and Spice by Stacy Gregg | Kids Book Review

Sugar and Spice is the second book in the new series from Stacy Gregg, author of successful pony adventure series Pony Club Secrets and Pony Club Rivals. The Spellbound Series ...
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The Last Bear by Hannah Gold

The Last Bear by Hannah Gold | Kids Book Review

Imagine making friends with a polar bear …The Last Bear by Hannah Gold is perfect for readers 8+ and is beautifully illustrated throughout by Levi Pinfold ...
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the adventures of mittens

The Adventures of Mittens | Book Review

A delightful story about Mittens' adventures around NZ's capital city, and all the lives he touches! Just as delightfully illustrated by Phoebe Morris, our kiddies will enjoy this happy tale ...
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