The Inkberg Enigma by Jonathan King

Graphic novel lovers will enjoy this mystery adventure perfect for tweens. See what Emma and her mum thought about The Inkberg Enigma and grab your own copy ⬇️

The Inkberg Enigma is a graphic-novel mystery adventure for eight- to twelve-year-olds in which a girl and boy uncover the secret that has corrupted a town.


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Emma and her mum review The Inkberg Enigma

Emma really enjoyed The Inkberg Enigma and was drawn to the beautiful illustrations of this graphic novel and we both found that the storyline was perfectly age appropriate for a 12-year old.

Emma enjoyed the mystery and suspense of the two main characters uncovering a story right in their own town!  She found the story easy to follow and remarked to her mum the illustrations were so different to other comic style books she usually reads making the book positively unique. Emma could see herself in one of the main characters which helped sustain her interest and each page kept us guessing as to what monster they would uncover next!

She found the plot interesting enough to sustain her interest and loved the fact that the author is a fellow kiwi!

Emma gave this 8 out of 10 and recommends to anyone from aged 10-years and over.

Grab your copy of The Inkberg Enigma by Jonathan King today!

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