Have You Seen Tomorrow? | Book Review

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Have You Seen Tomorrow? is a beautiful, contemporary fable from the acclaimed Kyle Mewburn about gratitude, mindfulness and living in the present.

If only Rabbit could see all the wonderful things right under his nose today, instead of always looking forward to tomorrow!

“What are you looking for?” asked Wolf.
“I’m looking for tomorrow,” Rabbit sighed.
“But I’ve looked everywhere,
and it’s nowhere to be found.”

Will Rabbit’s friends help him to see what is wonderful about today before it’s too late?

By the award-winning author of Old Hu-Hu and with gorgeous, dreamy illustrations by the talented Laura Bee, Have You Seen Tomorrow? provides young readers with a deft exploration of the concept of yesterday, today and tomorrow, a satisfying ending and much food for thought. A beautiful story for children aged 3-7 to be read and reread.

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Have you seen tomorrow

Reader review: By Courtney (mum) and Luna (4 years)

We were so excited to be selected to review Have You Seen Tomorrow? by Kyle Mewburn. Upon opening the package, my first thought was of how stunning the cover art for this paperback book was. The book has been illustrated throughout by Laura Bee, who has done a fantastic job in aiding the story with beautiful colours and captivating art work.

The story is about a very cute Rabbit, who is feeling a bit blue and is eager to awaken on a new day that is full of excitement and happiness. When Rabbit wakes up to discover that ‘tomorrow’ is really just like any other day, he sets off on a journey to find where the happy ‘tomorrow’ that he desperately seeks has gone.

Have You Seen Tomorrow by Kyle Mewburn

Rabbits’ journey takes him on an interesting adventure where he comes across a few companions (and a wolf who possibly fancies Rabbit as a meal rather than helping his quest!) who are happy to help him find his ‘tomorrow’.

Rabbit soon realises that maybe what he was searching for wasn’t a new place or a new day, but actually a nice group of friends to share in laughter and happiness together. This is such a lovely and important message for children to take from this well thought out book. To teach our children that it’s ok to have sad days, and that being surrounded by loved ones can bring us happiness and friendship, is a special theme to create a book around.

My daughter really enjoyed this book. She loved looking at the pictures and different animals on each page. In her own words: “I like this book. I felt scared for Rabbit when the Wolf came but I’m happy Rabbit went back to his friends and felt happy. I want to read it again!”

This will definitely be a favourite book for our family.

Have You Seen Tomorrow by Kyle Mewburn
Have You Seen Tomorrow by Kyle Mewburn
Have You Seen Tomorrow by Kyle Mewburn book review

Colourful fun

Have You Seen Tomorrow

Colour in Rabbit and friends and help Rabbit discover that today is wonderful.

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