Paint Your Own Unicorn Plant Pots

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If your kids love unicorns – and plants – this is the perfect craft for them. Use any pot or container you like and any colours and decorations you have on hand to create your own unique unicorn pots.

We asked Kidspot reader Katie and her gorgeous girls Ruby and Ella to create the project so we can follow along at home. They have provided step-by-step instructions plus a video below, on how to make your own unicorn plant pots.

They found that glue wasn’t the best for sticking the decorations to the painted pots and suggested a cold or hot glue gun might work better.

You will need:

Resene - Unicorn Pots
Resene - unicorn colours


Check out the video below of Ruby and Ella showing you how they decorated their pots

Step-by-step instructions to paint and decorate your pot

Unicorn Pots - step 1

Step 1

Paint your pot with 2 base coats leaving them to dry between layers. We used Resene White.

Unicorn Pots - step 2

Step 2

Paint your top coat in the colour of your choice making sure you get a nice even coverage. We painted one pot Resene White and used Resene FX Metallic Bedazzle on the second pot.

Unicorn Pots - step 3

Step  3

Once your final layer is dry it’s time to add the cheeks and eyes. To make it a little bit easier we used a pencil to draw the eyes and cheeks. We then used Resene Black to paint over the pencil line for the eyes and Resene Pink Lace for the cheeks.

Unicorn Pots - step 4

Step 4

Cut out a triangle shape from the glitter foam and gather up your other decorations ready to go.

Unicorn Pots - step 5

Step 5

Stick the horn and decorations on to the pots. We used PVA glue and needed to wait for the glue to dry before they stuck well – a peg or clip to hold them on while the PVA dried would be handy. Otherwise a hot glue gun will do the trick straight away!

Unicorn Pots - step 6

Step 6 

Once your unicorn horn and flowers are dried, fill the pot with potting mix and get planting. Proudly display your pot or it would make a lovely gift – and don’t forget to water your plant!

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