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Welcome to Kidspot!

Launched in 2006, Kidspot has become the number one parenting website in New Zealand, establishing itself as a trusted resource for parents.

Owned and operated by New Zealand mums, Kidspot is designed to be clean and intuitive, taking the hassle out of the search for parenting information – meaning parents can spend more quality time with their family as a result.

About our audience

Whether she is just thinking about starting her family, or is about to send her children off to university, Kidspot is her top source for all parenting information. She is the main household shopper and tends to make the majority of the financial decisions.

  • Female dominated demographic 25-49 years old
  • 41% have a combined annual household income of $100k or more
  • 84% are homeowners

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Working with us

Kidspot will work with you through the entire process, from creation to amplification, to ensure that your campaign reaches and engages your target audience.

With a social media following of over 30,000 users, Kidspot will create engaging and informative topics to encourage discussion around your key messaging.

If you would like to discuss any advertising opportunities, please contact info@kidspot.co.nz

In our award-winning directory

If you are currently listed in the Directory and would like to make changes to your listing or request your statistics, please contact your Account Manager or email advertising@kidspot.co.nz

If you are interested in finding out more about listing in our Directory, please fill out the form on this page and one of our team will be in touch.

Supporting local and backing Kiwis

Now more than ever, Kiwi companies need our business and our support.

We’re so happy to have partnered with a large number of local companies that offer services and products tailored for families.

Whether parents are looking for baby products, party supplies, healthcare products, gift ideas or just need a little inspiration, our directory has them covered.