Spotty Dotty Study Nook For Teens

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Whether your teen is happy to get stuck into their study, or needs a bit of encouragement, a calm, dedicated space is essential.

Creating a study space that is away from the busy parts of the house and therefore free from distractions, that is functional and also stylish, is a great way to make studying and homework more enjoyable and easier.

Decorating a space for teens can be tricky especially if it’s going to be used by more than one child over the years. If you’re feeling stuck for what to pick, a lively scheme like this spotty dotty study nook can work for everyone.

Contrast for calm

Create a two-toned wall by painting the lower half of your wall in Resene Coast, a stark blue, and the top half in Resene Poured Milk, a blue-grey white.  These are a perfect pairing, in part because of their shared warmth and in part because of the sense of comfort they both quietly exude. Remember to use good quality painter’s tape to achieve a seamless dividing line between them.

As a special added feature, choose Resene SpaceCoteLow Sheen for the wall. Even though it has a low sheen finish, it doesn’t sacrifice durability, and it works as a chalkboard when your teens need some extra space for planning out their week – or a place to play a quick pick-up game of tic tac toe. To remove the chalk, simply wipe the surface with a damp cloth

Resene Study Nook
Resene Study Nook

Add a splash of colour on shelves and accessories

Make it a joyful space for them to study, read, listen to music and surf the internet.  The bookcase in Resene Raging Bull, offers a place to store books, stationery and prized possessions while the desk in Resene Influential provides plenty of workspace.

Above left:   Little bowl on top of bookshelf, and bookshelf, in Resene Raging Bull . Plant pot in Resene Influential and tall vase in Resene Shilo.

Above right: Pencil pot and chair in Resene Yes Please, and magazine file in Resene Raging Bull.

Resene Teen Study Nook
Resene Study Nook

Continue the theme

Carry your ideas, inspiration and more with a circle motif pin board. The assorted and contrasting shapes in Resene InfluentialResene Raging BullResene Yes Please and Resene Coast mean you can dedicate certain colours to particular things for a more organised space.

Repeat the circle shape with a fluffy rug and echo those colours through your chair, desk, bookshelf and ceramics for a striking, coordinated space.

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