Playdough colour creation

Playdough colour creation

One of the hardest things about kids and playdough is stopping them from mooshing together all the lovely colours. Some kids just cannot resist it. This game indulges that impulse while teaching them about colour creation.

What you need:

  • 3 x pots of playdough: red, yellow and blue

Number of players:


Set out the three primary colours.  Talk your child through the name of each different colour.  Ask her what she thinks will happen if you combine say, red and blue?

Break off an equal small portion of each colour and encourage your child to mix them together by kneading them until they are one smooth mixed colour.

Do this with each colour combination but try to make the easy secondary colours first:

  • Purple (red and blue)
  • Green (blue and yellow)
  • Orange (yellow and red)

Then you can use those samples to move on to tertiary colours which are further variations on the primary colours:

  • blue-purple
  • yellow-orange
  • blue-green

Or you can try:

  • brown (equal mix of 3 x primary colours)

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