Make Your Own Aceball Court

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Bounce to it and prepare to be challenged with this fast action game. Get step by step instructions on how to paint your own Aceball court.

You will need:

To get the look: If you want to further protect the paintwork apply two coats of Resene Multishield+ satin (now Resene Concrete Clear), allowing two hours for each coat to dry.

How to play

Number of players: 9.

Additional equipment: Large ball.

How to play: Each player stands in one of the numbered squares. The player in the Ace square is the first to serve by bouncing the ball in their own square and hitting it with both hands facing down so that it bounces into any other square – the player in this square then has to hit it in the same way so that it bounces into another player’s square.

The rally continues until a player is out. A player is out if they miss the ball, hit the ball on a line or outside the marked area, fail to hit the ball with both hands, hit a ball that has bounced in someone else’s square, or hit the ball without it first bouncing in their own square. If a player is out, they move back to square 1 and all other players move up a square. The object of the game is to get to the Ace square (and stay there as long as possible!).

More ideas for play: If numbers are limited, simply use the four squares in the top right hand corner to play a mini version of the game.


Step 1:

Using a tape measure, mark out a square measuring 4.2m x 4.2m and mask off with duct tape.


Step 2:

Apply one coat of Resene Concrete Primer and allow to dry for two hours.


Step 3:

Using a wide paintbrush, mark out the inner and outer edges of the nine squares (each measuring approx 1 .4m x 1 .4m) with Resene Trinidad, as shown. Leave for two hours to dry. Apply a second coat and remove the duct tape before the paint dries.


Step 4:

Use a roller and tray to fill in the outer squares with two coats of Resene Trinidad, as shown, allowing two hours for each coat to dry.


Step 5:

Mask off the alternate squares with masking tape, as shown, and apply one coat of Resene Curious Blue. Allow two hours to dry.


Step 6:

Apply a second coat of Resene Curious Blue and remove the masking tape before the paint dries.


Step 7:

Using an artists’ brush, paint in the odd numbers on the blue squares with Resene Trinidad. Allow to dry for two hours and apply a second coat.


Step 8:

Using an artists’ brush, paint in the even numbers on the orange squares with Resene Curious Blue, and paint ‘Ace!’ on the central square. Allow to dry for two hours and apply a second coat. Wait 48 hours before playing the game

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