Colour Inspiration for Kids’ Spaces

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As your kids get older, they’ll no doubt start to develop their own style and want that reflected in their bedroom and play spaces. From bright blues to pastel pinks and bold yellows, there is so much you can do with colour.

To help inspire play and creativity in your next kids’ room DIY project, we’ve curated some of the best ideas from Resene’s Habitat plus – kids’ spaces.

Resene colour ideas - theme

On theme

Have a mermaid-obsessed child? What about someone who loves animals or bright colours? No matter where their imagination takes them, there are so many fun ways you can theme what they love into a fun and playful bedroom.

Tip: have your child draw their ideal room on a piece of paper to help you better understand what they want. Some of it may not work, but together you can brainstorm a theme that you’ll both love.

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Storage ideas for kids

Storage solutions

Storage is an important part of keeping their rooms (and your house) clutter-free. But storage doesn’t have to be boring so incorporate their favourite colours in practical pieces.

There are so many innovative solutions that work for spaces big and small, and if you’re working on a theme, there are DIY ideas to help you tailor your shelves or cabinets to suit your home décor.

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Resene nursery

Nursery ideas

Whether you want to go with neutral tones or a pop of colour is in order, setting up your bub’s nursery is an exciting time.

While the nursery should be a restful place for the baby, it’s also a place you are going to spend a fair amount of time in, so make it a creative and restful place for you too.

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Grow with the kids bedroom ideas

Ideas that grow with them

As your kids get older, not only do their needs change, but their tastes do too. Older kids will love having a hand in designing their own bedroom or play spaces, and while they may want to change out the décor over the years, a good colour scheme can stay with them as they move from tots to teens.

Tip: if you decide to colour block your nursery wall, consider a darker colour on the bottom that will hide finger marks when you have a tot that loves to explore.

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Your child’s room is a great chance to play with colours and ideas that are bold, playful, and creative. Take a cue from their imagination, open yourself up to getting a little messy and be inspired by ideas that grow with them.

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