Add Flair To The Walls In Your Child’s Room With Bold Geometric Shapes

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Bold geometric shapes are a popular way to add colour without going overboard and can add real flair to a child’s room with little effort.

Bold stripes, triangles, chevrons and squares are all easy to create with just a bit of masking tape. It’s a look that’s simple enough that older children may even want to try creating themselves.

Bold shapes lend themselves to bold colours and unexpected matching. Double down on a daring palette and try mixing deep blue like Resene Surfs Up with a bright green, such as Resene Neva or Resene Tutti Frutti, or burnt orange like Resene Smoke Tree with vibrant turquoise, such as Resene Seeker or Resene Sea Green. Another great option is graduated stripes in different saturations of one colour, starting with the deepest version at the bottom of the wall and working up to the palest where it meets the ceiling

If stripes aren’t your thing, try blocking out shapes in different areas of the room to delineate spaces within it, such as a study zone, vanity or sleeping area.

You could also try an asymmetrical design where shapes overlap one another to add visual interest.

Geometric shapes for kids rooms

All the right angles

This playful room started with a neutral base palette of Resene Double Cod Grey (for a current alternative try Resene Element)Resene Black White and Resene Surrender with dramatic pops of Resene Fountain Blue and Resene Fizz layered on top. The unexpected angles of the shapes on the walls and the continuation of Resene Surrender onto the floor make the room feel larger while the dark contrast of the Resene Double Cod Grey details and simple shapes keeps things from feeling too busy.

Painted wall hooks are not only an easy way to tie your colour scheme together but are a handy way to keep things tidy and get belongings up off the floor. We’ve painted our hooks in Resene Fizz, Resene Fountain Blue and Resene Double Cod Grey (for a current alternative try Resene Element). The wall is painted Resene Black White and Resene Surrender, with Resene Surrender also continued onto the floor.

Top tip: Take your time to plan your design on paper first, then measure and mask it out.

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Jungle theme bedroom

Monkey Around 

Kids will love this modern take on a jungle-themed bedroom with its vibrant stripes and splashy palette. The walls are in deep Resene Bunting with Resene Hi Jinx and Resene Keppel stripes and accents. Hints of stained wood, natural textures and plants keep bold palettes fresh and prevent them becoming overwhelming.

Note: Rejuvenate timber flooring with Resene Colorwood wood stain and finish with Resene Qristal ClearFloor to enhance the colour while still allowing the grain to show through.

Carrying the same colours onto the corkboard at playful angles creates a nice visual counterpoint to the orderly stripes on the wall.

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Colour block

Block out

Try unique combinations like this colour-blocked feature wall to break up a big space and keep things grounded. This room is finished in navy Resene Blue NightResene Big Bang and Resene Flower Power against a backdrop of Resene Half White Pointer on the walls and floor. The same colour scheme can be used for fun and easy DIY art projects to decorate the space.

Top tip: Start with a duvet or cushion your child already loves and let them pick out two or three other colours to complement it.

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gold and white stripes

All that glitters

Go full glam with these bold gold and white stripes in Resene FX Metallic Gold Dust and Resene Black White, which was also used on the floor. Subtle pink accessories such as the bedside stool in Resene Pot Pourri and the wooden heart wall hook in Resene Pink Terrace (for a current alternative try Resene Cosmos) add softness to balance out the crisp stripes. As a unique detail, the underbed storage box has been painted Resene Pot Pourri and repeats the pattern of the bedding in Resene FX Metallic Gold Dust.

Other colours to consider that can really make gold sparkle are navy blue or bright magenta, such as Resene Surfs Up and Resene Colour Me Pink.

Paint low profile boxes to match your design and keep them under the bed for storing extra toys, books and blankets.

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Point the way

A patch of bright chevrons pops in Resene Curious Blue and sends the message that this space is a fun place to be. While blue is a popular choice, whatever colour your child loves best would look just as good over the top of clean and contemporary Resene Triple Concrete walls. Monochromatic accents, such as the wooden box in Resene Half Tuna and the wooden blocks in Resene Picton Blue, in an otherwise neutral room create continuity while keeping things fresh and interesting.

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Born free form

Blurring is a creative alternative to conventional linear shapes. Bleeding colours into each other can really change the perspective of a room and keep it from becoming too boxy. Resene Ruby Tuesday bleeds into Resene Point Break on the wall of this vibrant, surprising nursery to spark a lifetime of imagination. For current alternatives of these colours, try Resene Japonica and Resene Mariner.

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