How To Create A Painted Headboard

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Love the look of painted headboards? Create your own half-moon headboard featuring Scandi-inspired blues to achieve a modern, moody bedroom.

For a double moon effect, trace two semi-circles. Use a longer string for the outer one. Then paint each in a complementary colour, with the outer circle used to highlight the main half-moon shape.

You will need:

Step by step instructions

How to create a painted headboard

Step 1:

Place the thumbtack or nail in the midpoint at the bottom of your half-moon.

How to create a painted headboard

Step 2:

Attach the string and cut to the length of how big you’d like the half-moon.

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Step 3:

Tie the chalk at the end of the string and trace the headboard.

How to create a painted headboard

Step 4:

With a steady hand, paint along the trace headboard using your chosen Resene paint colour. We used Resene Seachange. Leave to dry.

Step 5:

Place your bed and complement the colours of the half-moon headboard with soft linens and matching accessories.

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Article provided by Resene. Styling/Project by Nikki Astwood

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