Top 5 Tips For A Safe & Secure Child Restraint

Choosing and using a child restraint can be a bit tricky sometimes - and we know you’re reluctant to read that enormous (but very helpful) instruction manual (which you should absolutely read by the way!). In New Zealand, it's estimated that over 80% of child restraints are not installed securely. In partnership with InfaSecure, we’ve narrowed down the top 5 tips and tricks to safely securing your child every trip and every day.

A Week In The Life Of Alex and Rascal + Friends CoComelon Nappy Pants | Review

Rascal + Friends Premium Nappy Pants are designed for little humans who won’t lay still during change-time, or who are starting to potty train. Made with seriously good features to keep your jumping junior comfy and make change-time easier. Join Maria and her active 16-month-old, Alex, for a week in their life as they put Rascal + Friends premium nappy pants to the ultimate test.

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