Parents Tell: Extra Essentials For Your Hospital Bag

At around 34 weeks pregnant it’s time to start thinking about packing your bag for the hospital. We asked Kidspot parents what their absolute extra must-haves were for their time in hospital.

Even if you’re planning a home birth, having a bag packed and ready to go is a great idea, just in case.

Named chargers or power banks

You’re going to want to have your phone and other devices fully charged and ready to go so ensuring you definitely have these packed is essential. If you have spare cables and plugs pop them in the bag right now! If you don’t have spares consider charging up a grunty power bank. At the very least, leave a big note on top of the bag reminding you to put them in before you leave!


Welcome to the world of wipes. If you haven’t already discovered the joys of these, you’re in for a treat! Pop some in your bag for the hospital and we promise you will find many uses for them there – perfect for a face and body refresh during labour, that sticky meconium when your precious baby arrives, tears, spills, and so much more.

While you’re at it, stock up on packs for your baby bag, in the car, in the nursery, the living room ….

Your own pillow

If you have a pillow at home that is your absolute fave it’s a great idea to take it with you to the hospital. It might feel like a bit of a hassle but the hospital pillows have plastic covers and can get hot and crinkly. You will be full of adrenalin and will find it difficult to drift off to sleep so having your own faithful pillow can help comfort and relax you.

Ear plugs

The saying ‘sleep when baby sleeps’ is never more true than in those first few hours.  Some ear plugs to help block the usual hospital noises are essential, especially during the day.

Comfy undies

Even though you’ve had your baby, you’ll be left with a jelly belly for a while. That, and the post-birth discharge, means it’s time for some comfy undies that can easily host large pads. Another option is the maternity version of the washable period undies.

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