Protecting and caring for baby’s delicate skin, naturally

Nothing is more precious to you than your child. You want the very best care and protection for your little one, so skincare that has been specially formulated for the young skin of babies and children is essential. As your child’s delicate skin is thinner and more permeable than your own, products that are free from synthetic preservatives, fragrances and colourants are the natural choice.

Weleda Calendula and White Mallow Baby Care are 100% certified natural and/or organic, by natrue, so you can trust they are truly natural, enjoying peace of mind knowing your baby’s skin is being protected and effectively cared for, with all the goodness of nature.

The special character of babies’ skin

Babies’ skin is five times thinner than adults’, meaning that it absorbs externally applied substances more quickly and reacts more sensitively. In fact, your baby’s skin is still developing and the stratum corneum gradually offers increasing protection from external influences. The acid mantle and barrier function must also develop. And because the sweat glands are not yet fully formed, the little body struggles to regulate its heat balance independently.

Our little one learns a lot about the world through the skin. With each touch, a baby finds a new point of reference in this new life.

What kind of care does your baby’s skin need?

In the first few months, it is important not to overdo the products used on your baby’s skin. Much can be avoided, for example your baby does not need bubbles in their baths. One bath a week is sufficient in the first few months, and on other days you can wash your baby with a damp soft flannel. After washing or bathing, the Calendula Body Lotion protects your baby’s skin and provides it with moisture.

The area covered by nappies is the most sensitive part of the body. The warm, damp environment is a challenge for the developing skin and can encourage the growth of bacteria.

At each nappy change, it’s good for the skin to be cleaned with warm water, a soft cloth and then cared for with a few drops of Calendula Baby Oil. Allowing your baby to move about for a few moments with the nappy region uncovered is also good for the skin. The Calendula Nappy Change Cream provides protection and prevents soreness. 


A question of ingredients

Because babies’ skin is special, care products need to be specially adapted to their needs. Few, but nevertheless high quality natural ingredients are perfect: the composition of plant oils resembles the composition of the skin’s hydrolipid layer. The product therefore blends into the natural protective film on the skin and thanks to the natural ingredients, no sealing coat is created. This means the delicate skin can breathe and develop, while being protected.

The Weleda baby care range only contain high quality ingredients and provides delicate babies’ skin with everything it needs in this important stage of life and development.

What care do babies need for dry skin on their body?

The epidermis, which was covered with the vernix in the womb, usually flakes off in the first 14 days after birth. This flaking is most commonly seen on the chest and tummy. To care for this, we recommend skin care with a high quality plant oil. If your baby shows signs of itchiness, a Calendula Bath, with calendula and thyme extracts and sea salt can alleviate the discomfort. Then oil the skin, as it can now absorb the oil particularly well.

About Weleda

Weleda is the pioneer and world’s leading manufacturer of certified natural organic cosmetics and one of the best known providers of anthroposophic pharmaceuticals. Founded by the Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner in 1921, we follow his principles still today. Our portfolio comprises over one hundred, NATRUE certified natural organic skincare and body care products, all developed with the highest quality ingredients and based on our unique understanding of people and nature.

This article was written for Kidspot NZ by Weleda

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  1. kymmage 27/06/2018 at 7:44 am

    I loved using Weleda products with my babies. I held off bathing them after birth for a week, and even after that was pretty careful about keeping baths to a minimum. My own babies would have reactions on their skin if we over bathed them. I knew babies skin was sensitive – but five times thinner was a surprise. Makes a lot of sense though.

  2. MuddledUpMolly 25/06/2018 at 9:10 pm

    This is good to know, I knew babies skin was sensitive but not that it was 5x thinner than adults! I really like the Weleda brand 🙂 We have been lucky with our little girl as she has had relatively normal skin but you never know when that could all change!

  3. Mands1980 13/06/2018 at 12:57 pm

    This is a great article explaining how babies have thinner skin and absorbs things a lot faster than us as adults. When my babies were little I just used a wet cloth to wipe them over baby wipes as I found them to harsh. We also only bathed then with plain water and no soaps to minimise reactions.

  4. Shorrty4life1 11/06/2018 at 5:41 pm

    I found this article very interesting as I’d never known that baby’s skin is 5 times thinner than adults skin. I always used oils and massaged them into the skin after every bath just to make it silky and protected that way from drying out.

  5. Bevik1971 08/06/2018 at 4:08 pm

    My daughter’s skin wasn’t too bad as a baby – we rarely put anything on it except organic lotion with no perfumes or nasties. We only used water when she bathed (and at age 5 we don’t use soap for her now either). I am lucky enough to work for an Organic Hair company and have they have a shampoo which can be used as a body wash as well as it’s very mild 🙂

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