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Articles related to baby play – how it helps your baby with their development and what you can do to encourage your child to play.

baby movements

The Benefits of Movement for Babies

Scientific studies have shown that your child's future development is highly dependent upon the way they use their senses in ...
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Developmental Milestones for Newborns

Watching your baby, wondering what they will do next, is one of the great pleasures of parenthood. Discover more in ...
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toddler playing

Physical learning games for your 1-2 year old

Make your child's development as much fun as playing ball with these learning games and ideas to stimulate physical development ...
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tummy time

A Guide To Tummy Time For New Parents

Tummy time for babies is important for developing head control. Find out when to start tummy time and what to ...
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Baby playgroups

Find a playgroup

Find a playgroup, its a great way to meet other local families, form friendships and allow your children to play ...
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Teaching your baby to play

Baby Play Ideas

Find ideas for playing with baby to have fun together and aid their development ...
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