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Looking after your precious little bundle during the first few weeks of their life.

nappy balm

How to help prevent nappy rash on little bottoms

Babies bottoms are meant to be smooth so we have found the best ways to prevent nappy rash and how ... Read More
fussy babies

A Fussy Baby Can Increase the Chances of PND

While many parents were probably aware of how mind altering having a fussy baby can be, recent research does provide ... Read More

The truth behind your baby’s poo

You will be astonished at how important the contents of your baby’s nappy becomes in your parenting journey, so find ... Read More
Birth to 2 Years

The Nanny Consultants Guide Birth to 2 Years

Read a book review of The Nanny Consultants Guide Birth to 2 Years, by Alana Portsmouth ... Read More
routine three weeks

Routine for a two to three-week old

With many partners heading back to work two or three weeks after their baby is born, it can be an ... Read More
wonder week eight routine

Wonder week: Eight week old baby routine

Babies up to about four months of age generally sleep when they are fed and comfortable and are starting to ... Read More
newborn routines

A day in the life of a one week old…

In the first few weeks after birth, your newborn will sleep much of the time, often waking two or three ... Read More
baby daytime routine example

Establishing a daytime routine for nine to 12 weeks olds

As your baby grows, feeding will have become established and your days might form a loose daytime routine. It might ... Read More
newborn routine and daily pattern

Routine for a four to six-week old

In the first few weeks and months, it’s common for babies to wake for feeds at least two or three ... Read More
thrush baby health

Thrush and newborns

If you notice white patches in your baby's mouth that won't rub off, your baby most likely has thrush. Thrush ... Read More
newborn circumcision penis care

Penis care for newborns

Should I have my baby boy circumcised? The choice to circumcise a penis (that is surgically removing the foreskin (prepuce) ... Read More
six weeks checkup

Your six week check-up

While the exhaustion and emotional demands of new motherhood are still very much present, six weeks generally marks the end ... Read More
Newborn screening tests

Screening tests for newborns

Within the first few hours and days of life, doctors will screen your baby for a range of disorders and ... Read More
bathing newborns

Bathing your newborn

Bathing your baby can be a soothing, loving way to bond. To clean your baby from top-to-toe here’s our guide ... Read More
routine seven to 12 months

Routine for a seven to 12 month old

Expect two sleeps a day at six months, continuing to a baby’s first birthday, when one snooze may soon become ... Read More
Packing your nappy bag

Nappy Bag checklist

Try to keep your nappy bag topped up and ready to go at all time. You don't want to get ... Read More
Childcare options for newborns

Childcare options for newborns

One of the hardest tasks of finding childcare is to trust the person you’re handing your newborn to. Read all ... Read More
Newborn baby sleep

Newborn baby sleep

One of the biggest and most stressed about developments throughout baby’s first year is how your baby is sleeping. Every baby ... Read More
taking newborn out of the house

Leaving the house with a newborn

If you haven’t set foot outside since coming home with the baby (or even earlier if you had a home ... Read More
newborn skin conditions

Skin care for newborns

You might picture newborn skin as soft and sweet-smelling but you may be surprised by spots, dry areas, rashes, birthmarks ... Read More

Seven Reasons Why Your Newborn Baby Cries

Understanding why your baby cries, could help you to settle your crying baby. Find out why your newborn baby cries ... Read More
0 to 3 months physical development

0 to 3 months physical development

Baby development and baby growth is fast so learn about your baby's developmental milestones and stages of development including physical ... Read More

Understanding your baby’s wind

Your baby may need burping when you feed them otherwise your baby will be troubled by wind. Find out how ... Read More