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The Safe T Sleep® Sleepwrap® for babies that helps babies sleep more restfully, comfortably and safely. Hospital Clinically Proven* and designed to be used with loving, nurturing, trust-building parenting skills. This is the best baby sleep wrap you can buy, the Sleepwraps fit all mattresses from bassinet to king sized beds, including bedside bed co-sleeper bassinets.

Use at home but also when you are travelling, visiting, boating, camping – it’s not a restraint but it does ensure your baby is safe in bed and sleeping in a safe position.

Free worldwide shipping.

“My 5 mth old was rolling over in his sleep and planting his face into the mattress. My husband and I took turns to stay awake to roll him back over. Now we finally get a good night’s sleep. Thank you!”
Christina Wood

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