A Week In The Life Of Alex and Rascal + Friends CoComelon Nappy Pants | Review

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Rascal + Friends Premium Nappy Pants are designed for little humans who won’t lay still during change-time, or who are starting to potty train. They’re made with seriously good features to keep your jumping junior comfy and make change-time easier.

Join Maria and her active 16-month-old, Alex, for a week in their life as they put Rascal + Friends Premium Nappy Pants to the ultimate test.

Maria’s review

We are a family of four – me, my husband, our 6-year-old daughter, Sophia, and our 16-month-old son, Alex.

Alex is a very active and busy toddler, and changing his nappy is always a great challenge – and most of the time the changing table is not involved. So when choosing the right nappy brand, we not only consider leak-proof and softness but also the ease of taking these out of the package, unfolding and putting them on.

Before …

Before we tried Rascal + Friends Premium Nappy Pants, we usually used cloth nappies around the house and any other nappies from the supermarket to be worn when going outside or to daycare. For the night sleep we always use a disposable nappy as our son mostly sleeps through the night (lucky!) and I want to make sure he is dry and not irritated after 10-12 hours in a nappy.

The week in review

We used Rascal + Friends Premium Nappy Pants for the whole week both during the day and at night, and they worked great for Alex!
The packaging was great – easy to get the pants out and they are not folded (as some brands do). The pants themselves are very soft and flexible to put on to a wriggling toddler. I personally was very impressed with the quality – so soft and so well made, they look comfortable around the thighs and there were no marks left on the skin even after he was sitting in the car for an hour.
We had a very busy week with lots of going out and Alex was clearly happy running around wearing Rascal + Friends Premium Nappy Pants. No signs of being uncomfortable – no scratching his back or trying to pull these off plus there was no leaking or rashes after three-hour long afternoon naps.
Rascal Nappy Pants review

Easy up and easy off

The nappy pants are incredibly nice and easy to put on. These are so soft, so you do not worry about making your toddler feel uncomfortable or scratched when pulling up. The waist is very stretchy and the sides tear with not much effort [when removing] and, in contrast with most other brands, the sides do not leave string pieces coming off when torn (which sometimes can pinch the baby a little bit).

The resealable tab makes it nice and quick to dispose without making a mess. Overall I have no negative things to say about the changing process with Rascal + Friends Premium Nappy Pants – very impressed with the quality, and can talk about how soft these are for a long time!

The first four nights of wearing the Rascal + Friends Premium Nappy Pants there was no leaking although his skin was a bit wet in the morning. As the skin was not irritated, we were still happy. On the fifth night, he woke at midnight because of a small leak so I had to change Alex to a new nappy.

The final say

Overall, we are very pleased with the quality and definitely consider buying Rascal + Friends Premium Nappy Pants for regular use. My husband definitely said these are the best nappies in many ways out of all that we’ve tried in the last 16 months. Still couldn’t quite beat the other disposable brand at night, but definitely perfect for long active days, as are soft, breathable and are easy to use. Plus, Alex really liked the cartoon characters on the back and front of the pants. He loved pointing at these and saying “baby” – a great distraction for while I am putting these on him.

Rascal + Friends are available online and in-store at New World, PAK’nSAVE, and Four Square nationwide.

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Maria was provided with a complimentary supply of Rascal + Friends premium nappy pants for the purposes of the review. Views are those of the reviewer.

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