Best Baby Shower Gifts

A Baby Shower is a fun way to get together with friends and family and celebrate the impending arrival of a precious baby.

A quick browse of the shops is likely to overwhelm rather than help you narrow down ideal gifts, so we asked Kidspot parents what their best suggestion for the perfect baby shower gift is. Whether the gift is for you, or you are looking for the perfect gift for someone else, check out our ultimate list of what those who have been before you loved.

Nursery essentials

“Room and bath thermometer – took the guess work out of knowing if the room was too hot in summer or too cold in winter, and it floats in the bath too so you can get the water temp right to start with and also see when it starts to cool down and it’s time to get baby out.” Sandra D

“A feeding pillow was the best gift I received, used daily and still use it now as a pillow. Amanda R and Sally C agrees “Never knew I needed, feeding pillow.”

“Plastic reusable wipes container and thin change mat … used constantly for both of my babies.” Lauren U

“We were given an electronic thermometer and it gave us such peace of mind so many times. Such a great gift.” Sarah O

Cosy and comfortable

“Knitted blanket we use it for bassinette, pushchair, capsule, cot now onto second child its the most used item we have.” Angela H

“A 4 pack of muslin wraps. I used them as a lightweight blanket, for a shade cover over the pram and as a place to change my baby when we were out and about too I loved them so much that i went out and bought another pack.” Amy K

“Crochet blanket that my friends Nana made for my daughter. It is something she can hold onto as she grows.” Katrina B

“Wrap for carrying a grizzly bub and still being productive when you also have a toddler.” Angela H

“A baby sleeping bag / sack was the best gift I was given. At first I didn’t realise how important it would become to us but it was a mainstay for all 3 of our children and being put in their sleeping bag became an important and recognisable part of their bedtime routine. Plus it kept them warm. ” Kate T

Perfectly practical

“Compression undies from my granny. It held everything together and my belly went back to normal in a few months.” Alex D

“I was given a whole lot of disposable nappies in sizes above newborn. It was so great as I had them on hand when the time came to go up a size.” Nic C

Courtney N loves her peg airer (round hanger with multiple pegs) – “Never knew I needed these but they were one of the most useful items I received! Perfect for hanging baby clothes and in our case our reusable nappies.”

“Best gift was a basket full of goodies for myself, moisturizers, creams, goodies etc … baby got lots and was nice that someone remembered me.”  Alicia H

“Voucher for a cleaning service.” Heather W

“I was given a breastfeeding ‘snack pack’ that contained dried fruit, chocolate, nice tea, lactation cookies and all sorts of other lovely things I could have while feeding. Perfect as I was constantly ravenous!” Karen B

What is your top pick for a baby shower gift?

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