Nappies, Spills, Scrapes & Silk Baby Ultimate Wipes

Gentle on the planet and on little bums, Silk Baby wipes have a refreshed new look with playful designs featuring sweet animal characters. We gave mum of two, Yasmin, the opportunity to give Silk Baby Ultimate® Ultra-Thick Wipes a trial run during a busy family day.

Yasmin’s review

Wipes are our family’s best friend. We take them everywhere, have them in every room in our house, and in our cars. I always wondered how we survived without them before kids. They are so versatile and handy!

We are a busy family of four – two adults, 5-year-old Zayn who just started school, and 7-month-old Maya who just started solids!

A typical day would involve multiple nappy changes, multiple meals and multiple messes.

6.30 am

Maya wakes and we have our first nappy change. Luckily she doesn’t often need an overnight change and Silk Ultimate Wipes softly wipe away the night time yuckies off her bum. We’ve found that they are soft and gentle enough to wipe any sleep from her eyes and night time feed crusties without irritating her sensitive skin.

7.30 am

Breakfast is served! Maya watches while Zayn has his morning cereal. Our handy dandy Silk Ultimate Wipes are there to rescue us from the inevitable milk and cereal spills that every 5-year-old seems to make as they miss their mouth. Life is just too busy for them to focus on the spoon to mouth action! Lucky the wipes got rid of any sign of a spill! Zayn gives us the thumbs up at how easy the clean up was.

Silk baby wipes review

8.30 am

We head off for our walk to school, collecting little treasures on the way, rocks, leaves and broken branches. Let’s give our hands a wipe before we head into school and mummy has to touch Maya’s face or hands. (Mummy also has a sneaky coffee on the way home, which of course had to spill … shhh Silk Ultimate wipes to the rescue!)


Maya starts making those tell tale grunty sounds on our way to our friend’s house for a baby play date. I’m driving and hoping the poonami is contained. She only goes every few days and it’s an inevitable part of our life with her.


Maya’s asleep … the ultimate mum dilemma. Do you wake your sleeping child because you suspect a full, almost explosive nappy, or do you let her sleep because that never happens?

Silk baby wipes review


Sleep won … I figured the nappy will be there when she wakes and at least she won’t be grumpy when I change her. She woke happy and I already had her change station prepped for her at my friend’s house. Silk Ultimate Wipes, nappy, disposable bag, a change mat and a just in case change of clothes (which we thankfully didn’t need!)

My friend commented on the number of wipes I used … oops … but they did wipe away every little bit of poop and they were soft and gentle enough to go into the crevices without irritating Maya’s skin.

Silk baby wipes review


We head back home in time to have our little bit of solid food. Maya’s still not a fan of solids and often spits out the food or has it all over her face and hands. Thank you Silk Ultimate Wipes for making clean up easy!

Silk baby wipes review


Zayn is home again and ready for his after school toilet stop. Isn’t it funny how a parent’s life is consumed by the eat, sleep, poop cycle! That expands into more stuff but generally those are the most basic of our needs. That’s why we also keep a pack of wipes in the bathroom. No, they’re not flushable but they get the bum extra clean after the toilet paper does the best it can.


We head off to the playground for a quick play before Daddy gets home from work. We go on the swing, run around, and have the odd scrape that our magical Silk Ultimate Wipes fix by giving it a nice and gentle, cool, wet rub.

Silk baby wipes review


Dinnertime! Another messy affair in our house. From the bench top, to the dining table to the random piece of food flung on the floor, Silk Ultimate Wipes are our trusty companions, even Maya knows it! She does love a good lick of the wipe as it wipes her face. In fact we’ve discovered, they’re so mild and truly ‘unchemically’ by how much she loves the feel of them on her face. I think she’d eat one if we didn’t stop being such killjoy parents and take them off her.

Silk baby wipes review


Bedtime battles begin! Shower, change, books and bed! Pretty straight forward but it’s not till 8 or 8.30 that we have true lights out and mum and dad can exhale after another fun day with our munchkins.

Silk Ultimate Wipes

It’s so good having a trusty wipe that you know your finger won’t poke through while you’re wiping something gross. It will withstand cleaning anything and act as a nice refreshing wipe. It cleans scraped knees and spilled coffees, crusty tables and dirty faces. And ultimately, is great on the bum. Bonus …only one wipe comes out at a time!

Find Silk baby wipes and toiletries at your local supermarket including Pak’nSave and Countdown stores.

Yasmin was provided with a supply of Silk baby wipes for the purpose of the review. Views are those of the reviewer.

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