Baby Essentials For When You Are On The Go

For people so small, babies certainly need a lot of stuff! Getting ready to head out for a few hours no longer means putting the sunnies on and adding a swipe of lipgloss, as there are all sorts of essentials and just-in-case items to take with you and baby.

We talked to Kidspot parents to find out what they take with them when going out of the house for some family fun.

A dedicated bag

Whether you choose to buy a specially designed baby bag or just use a backpack or large handbag, a dedicated bag that has enough space for all your bits and bobs, and ideally lots of pockets to keep everything safe and easy for you to find and tick them off your mental check list before you go.

A spare cuddly

Cunning parents have a cuddly that is specially for out and about – so if it gets lost, at least there is still one at home when you get home with a tired, sad bubba. Purchasing two identical cuddlies at the get-go is our hot tip!

A change of clothes plus a spare

Be prepared for a ‘poonami’ or any other event with a complete change of clothes. Choose something that can be rolled into a small bundle, and then include another singlet and add some long socks just in case. No matter the weather, make sure you have an additional warm layer and a sunhat.

Bottom needs

A good rule of thumb is to take one nappy per hour you are going to be out. Wipes are great for bottoms, but also any other number of spills and messes so take a few. Pop them neatly folded into a resealable bag or small container to save room. Transfer some of your favourite all purpose balm into a small container too. A cloth nappy is ideal as a change mat, and don’t forget a travel sized hand sanitiser.

Food and drink

Especially if you are breastfeeding, don’t forget food and water for yourself. Babies often seem to be more hungry when they are out and about – maybe it’s all the excitement and fresh air – so if your baby is on solids make sure you pack water and plenty of food for them.

First aid items

Pop some sunscreen on you both before you leave the house, no matter how cloudy the day is and make sure you have a small sunscreen bottle tucked away in your bag along with a few plasters.

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