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Whether you’re looking for some new ideas for imaginative play or that themed birthday party has snuck up on you, we have easy costume ideas for kids.

Find options for every little pirate, fairy, wizard, mermaid and more!


Grab a printable colouring page for your little artist

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flower crown

Flower Crowns

One for the older kids (or a parent to help out with), this is a way to put those flowers the kids pick on a walk to good use. Or ...
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pirate costume

Pirate costume: how to dress like a pirate

You don't need a sewing machine to put together great homemade costumes and dress-ups. You just need a bit of imagination to get the pirate costume that’s perfect for some ...
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Make your own super-hero cape

A cape is a fun dress up that can be played in many fun games ...
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costume ideas

Easy Dress-ups: 5 No-sew Kids Costumes

Need a costume fast? These no-sew costumes and dress ups are easy and include a ...
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witch costume

Witch costume: make a witch’s hat

Bargain shops are full to bursting with el cheapo, same-same witchy dress ups. It's so ...
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lion in the meadow

‘A Lion in the Meadow’ ears and tail

Do you think there is a lion in the meadow? Award-winning author Margaret Mahy tells a delightful story of truth ...
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Make Your Own Animal Face Masks

Homemade face masks are an easy activity for kids to do. Try these animal face mask templates and follow the ...
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Pirate costume: make a pirate eyepatch

Pirate costume: make a pirate eyepatch

You dont need a sewing machine to make a simple eye-patch for a pirate costume. Follow our video tutorial below ...
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Make easy witch hats

Dress-up as a witch for Halloween by making this easy cone hat. Here's how ...
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Craft a wizard's shield

Craft a wizard’s shield

Make a shield that is worthy of any little wizard with this paper mache kids' art and craft project. Your ...
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How to dress like a clown

Dressing up like a clown is easy because the only rule is: there are no rules. However, as a guideline, ...
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Costume ideas: Angelina Ballerina

Costume ideas: Angelina Ballerina

Make your own mouse ears with our FREE printable template to transform your daughter's ballerina costume into an Angelina Ballerina ...
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Owl dress up costume on Kidspot

Easy costume: make an owl dress up

If you are looking for Book Week ideas or Halloween costume ideas, how about this cute but simple owl costume? ...
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