Make easy witch hats

Make easy witch hats

Dress-up as a witch for Halloween by making this easy cone hat. Here’s how.

What you need:

  • 2 sheets of black cardboard
  • bowl
  • sheet of felt (green, orange, purple, or red)
  • strip of black felt
  • white craft glue
  • scissors
  • tape

Number of players:


Roll one sheet of black cardboard into a cone and secure with tape.

Trim the bottom of the cone so that it will stand up on the table.

Use a bowl as a guide and trace a circle on the second sheet of black cardboard – make it larger than the bottom of your cone, as this will be the brim of the hat.

Glue the cone to the circle and set aside to dry.

Cut 1-2cm strips of felt and glue them around the cone – make concentric circles around your hat so it looks stripy, or try gluing the felt in a spiral from the bottom of the cone to the top, in a continuous line.

You can be as creative as you like – use spots of felt, or cut out your favourite Halloween shapes and glue those on your black hat.

Cut a strip of black felt to go around the base of the cone (this will cover any messy glue left behind after attaching the cone to the brim).

Your witch hat is ready!


  • These witch hats also make fantastic place markers for a Halloween party – just glue a name tag on each, or write your guest’s names on the hat brims with a white paint pen.
  • You can make the witch hats any size you like – small for decorations and table markers, or large for a striking table centre piece.
  • You can make your witch hat a wearable work of art – just cut the brim into a ring, rather than a full circle, and glue this to your cone. Be sure to make the bottom of the cone large enough to fit on the right head!

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