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Summer sport

5 summer sports your kids will love

Kids sport is a great way to keep children healthy and fit. Find summer sports they love including tennis, cricket, ...
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sun safe lessons

Sun safe lessons to teach kids

Schools are teaching kids to protect themselves from the sun but it’s up to parents to reinforce this behaviour at ...
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Summer safety

kids and sunglasses

Why kids should wear sunglasses

Sunglasses are a great way to provide sun protection - but many kids don't wear sunglasses. Find out which sunglasses ...
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sunscreen and children

All about sunscreen and children

New Zealand children need to be wearing sunscreen on a daily basis. Find out all about the different sunscreens available ...
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sunscreen beach

Understanding sunscreen

There aren't many things better than a Kiwi summer, but make sure you and your family stay protected with these ...
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Out & about

teen hiking

Teen-friendly family activities

If you're struggling to get your teen involved in family activities, try some of these teen-friendly activity ideas ...
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Camping ideas for families

Make sure your next family camping trip is a success with these nifty camping ideas and tips – ...
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Snacks on the Road

Snacks on the Road

Try these healthier alternatives for snacks on the go ...
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Pool games

swim scavenger

Scavenger hunt

Playing in the swimming pool is loads of fun, especially if you include this game ...
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summer cannonball

Cannonball pool jump

Summer means it is time for water games and outdoor activities in the pool! So ...
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Pool noodle raft on Kidspot

Make a pool noodle raft

Combine outdoor fun with science experiments by challenging your kids to make a raft out ...
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Dolphins in the water

Dolphins in the water

A great game to strengthen childrens swimming skills, this pool game encourages children to work ...
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Summer recipes