Look out! It’s an octopus

Swimming pools are loads of fun already but throw some great games in there and the kids won’t want to ever get out! This game is sure to provide enjoyment for young children.

What you need:

  • a screw
  • old de-labelled plastic soft drink bottle
  • water
  • adult assistance for screwing holes

Number of players:


Firstly drill a small hole with an old screw at the top of the soft drink bottle and then another hole at the bottom also.

Half fill the bottle with water and screw the lid back on and you are now ready to perform your magic!

When you cover the top hole with your finger, nothing flows out the bottom.

When you remove your finger, water will flow through the hole.

Add more holes in the bottle for more fun and to have water spurting out at all types of directions.

The water spurting out everywhere gives the bottle the fun look of having legs like an octopus.

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