Giggles and Fun With FurReal PeeAlots Cat

Having a pet can be a messy business! The new FurReal PeeAlots pets from Hasbro will not only teach your child about learning to care for a pet, they will also give them hours of fun taking them for walks in order to do their … um … business!

To make sure it is Kiwi kid approved, we had our Junior Toy Analyst Aria and her family put the FurReal PeeAlots Cat to the test and the reviews are in!

Check out what Aria and her mum had to say about the FurReal PeeAlots toy ⬇️

Meet Aria, one of our littlest reviewers


Age: 4

Favourite colour: Pink … of course!

Favourite food: Ice-cream

Favourite toy: Barbie

Aria loves all things pink, glittery and shiny and you can usually find her on the lounge floor surrounded by her Barbies and all their accessories. She loves making up stories and we often overhear some very interesting Barbie dialogues! Painting her nails and changing her shoes several times a day are also among her favourite activities.

What did Aria and her family think?

Aria has been asking for her own pet for the last few months and I’ve been trying to explain to her that animals need to be looked after and can sometimes be messy. She doesn’t seem put off at the idea of cleaning up after them, although I know it will most likely end up being me doing it! Then along came the opportunity for her to trial the FurReal PeeAlots Cat – ideal timing!

This cute little kitty likes to be taken for walks on its connectible leash system, which is easy for her to operate. Once the leash is connected to the pet, Aria simply pushes down on the pet slightly which activates the roller so that she can push it along in front of her as though she really is taking it for a walk.

FurReal PeeAlots

Next came the fun part – she grabbed a bowl of water and filled up the little bottle that comes with the pet. Once the adorable kitty has had a good drink, it’s ready to go for another quick walk before it needs to pee. Aria helped her kitty pee by lifting its tail which made its leg go up, and she watched in delight as a little piddle came out! Lots of laughs followed as she got used to how the kitty works and continued with the walking and peeing. Luckily, our kitchen area has laminate flooring – probably best not to play with this kitty on carpet. I taught Aria that every time her kitty does a pee, she needs to be responsible and clean up after it. Good practice for a real pet!

She loved having her own “kitty” to look after and I liked the fact that it was teaching her to care for an animal, even just in a very simple way. It’s cute and cuddly and interactive, making it a great gift for any child who loves animals or who is wanting their own pet (but the parents aren’t ready to take that step with a real one just yet!)

About the Fur Real PeeAlots Cat

FurReal Peealotsfur real cat pets feature a connectible leash system that lets kids walk one pet, or their favourite pack!

This peein’ kitty comes with a detachable leash to walk her across a table top, as well as a connector to add one Big Wags pet or up to two Lil’ Wags pets. (Other pets sold separately. Subject to availability.) So, who’s ready for a nice walk?

This product is available in assorted colours, characters and styles which are each sold separately and may vary from time to time.

Ages 4 Years +

The toy for this review was provided to Kidspot by Farmers.

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