Nappy Bag checklist

Ok, the weight of your nappy bag may make you feel like you are preparing to leave the house with everything including the proverbial kitchen sink, but there is nothing worse than being 20 minutes from home with smelly baby and realising you’ve left the vital baby wipes on the change table.

With this in mind, try to keep your nappy bag topped up and ready to go at all times. Here is our definitive list of what should go in the Nappy Bag. Finetune as you see fit:

  • Nappies. Pack as many as you think you’ll need and then add three more. Running short of clean nappies leads to the worst kind of public humiliation.
  • Nappy sacks. These little scented plastic bags are great for putting dirty nappies in when you’re out, but also useful for stowing anything mucky – clothes, shoes, toys – until you get home.
  • Baby wipes. You can buy ‘travel packs’, but even more handy – and cheaper – is decanting some of your home supply into a zip lock bag. They seem to stay moist for longer this way too.
  • Tissues. A small packet for everything you don’t want to use a wipe on.
  • Nappy/ Barrier cream. Buy a second tube and keep it in the bag. You know what your baby’s bottom likes so don’t leave home without it.
  • Baby food. Keep a bottle of emergency baby food and a couple of dry biscuits (sealed in a zip lock bag) in the nappy bag. Don’t forget to throw away any opened but uneaten jars of food.
  • Plastic teaspoons. It’s a tragedy if you’ve got the food but not the utensil. Keep a couple of plastic teaspoons in the bag ad throw them away as you use them.
  • Baby change mat. Happily, most nappy bags come with a change mat.
  • Hat. Keep both a beanie and a sunhat to cover all weather options.
  • Spare change of clothes. Or two if there’s toilet-training going on! There are so many ways that a small child can go through a set of clothes, you’d be a fool not to take spares.
  • Sunscreen. Keep a roll-on infant sunscreen in the bag at all times. The roll-ons won’t leak and you can spread it across his skin with your hand for complete coverage.
  • Small toy and book. Hand these out when you’ve exhausted all your own methods of keeping your baby entertained and you’ve still got twenty minutes in heavy traffic to get through.
  • Bottle feeding paraphernalia. You can’t go far without everything you need to feed your baby. So if you bottle feed, make sure you’ve got formula, sterilised bottles, boiled water and some method to heat the bottle. Most cafes are happy to help.
  • A cloth nappy. There is no job a cloth nappy can’t do, so never leave home without one.
  • A spare dummy. Small people who need dummies are inconsolable if they lose them, so keep a spare or two, in the bag at all time.
  • Mum’s must-haves. All mums should pack a snack for when exhaustion sets in and the blood-sugar levels suddenly drops, and a bottle of water, because lugging your baby and his nappy bag around all day is thirsty work.

If you’ve conquered the nappy bag, check out the everyday go bag and other handy bags that Kidspot blogger Maxabella recommends.


Try to keep your (as opposed to the baby’s) possessions separate. Don’t be tempted to use the Nappy Bag as an additional handbag because the day you lose your car keys in the depths of the Nappy Bag, will be the day it begins to hail while your arms are full of howling child.

This article was written by Ella Walsh for Kidspot.

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