Nanny Rina’s Amazing Nets by Qiane Matata-Sipu | Book Review

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Nanny Rina’s Amazing Nets is a heartwarming story about aroha, whānau, passing down traditional knowledge and welcoming in the new year – an English translation of the original Ngā Kupenga a Nanny Rina.

Nanny Rina is an amazing weaver – she can make all kinds of nets!

When Haeata te Kapua asks what special creation Nanny will weave to welcome in the new year, Nanny shows her granddaughter how the Matariki stars guide her to the right net to make.

This delightful story for tamariki includes step-by-step instructions to weave a net. It is written by the award-winning Māori-Pasifika storyteller Qiane Matata-Sipu, and illustrated by the acclaimed Māori artist Isobel Joy Te Aho-White.

Translated into English from the original story written in te reo Māori, Ngā Kupenga a Nanny Rina (also available).

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Nanny Rina's Amazing Nets Colouring Sheet

Colouring fun

Print and colour in this sheet from Nanny Rina’s Amazing Nets – a heartwarming story about aroha, whānau, passing down traditional knowledge and welcoming in the new year. Click on the image for the printable activity sheet.

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We were so excited to be able to review Nanny Rina’s Amazing Nets by Qiane Matata-Sipu. Immediately upon receiving the book Mr 3 was intrigued and Mr 9 was excited that it was a book about Matariki!

This book is definitely a book you would want to read for Matariki or just for the sake of reading it over and over.

Learning about the stars of Matariki

It has an amazing take on the stars of Matariki and how Nanny Rina explains in a magical explanation to her granddaughter, Haeata te Kapua, what each star represents and how the brightest star of Matariki would determine what net Nanny Rina would make for the celebration. This book has beautiful Māori words, with a glossary explaining the English meaning which is so special. The journey she takes you on makes you feel like you are cuddled up to your own Granny telling you a story. It has a sense of peace, calm and belonging to the book.
Nanny Rina's Amazing Nets

Read it again!

We loved this book! Definitely 5/5 star rating! The kids (age 3 and 9) had me read it at least three times over just on the first day we received it. And it has become a repeated bedtime book. I have found them both sitting and paging through the book in the day. The colours are well thought out, not too bright or dull and bring a sense of comfort. The illustrations are beautiful! The kids loved the front cover where the stars falling in the net are raised and as you wipe your hand over, it has a different texture.

Mr 3 really loved the inside cover which is all the Matariki stars and explains what each one represents. He said it is his favourite part – the stars!! And he enjoyed the different nets she used. His favourite is the Korapa, a net to catch small birds.

Mr 9 said he loved the story as a whole, but what really stood out for him where the Māori words and explanations. He also found the different nets interesting and wants to do more weaving now.

Nanny Rina's Amazing Nets

Make your own net

In the back is a beautifully designed step-by-step on how to make your own net. It was easy to follow, easy to do for a 3 year old and 9 year old. They worked together following the instructions and made their net. There is talk to make more. Mr 9 wants to catch fish now and Mr 3 wants to stand outside and catch stars. Such a great activity!

Story time at Kindy

It was such a great hit that Mr 3 took it to Kindy for them to read it at mat time. He told his teacher it is his favourite book of Matariki.

His teacher told me upon picking him up that this is truly one of her favourite reads in a long time and really touched her heart. She also mentioned the kids loved it and stayed alert while she read. She loved that they asked questions about the different words and feels they really learnt some new words!

Nanny Rina's Amazing Nets

I honestly feel every household needs this book, as it really hits the heart for the celebration of Matariki, a deeper understanding and awesome learning aspects for Māori and making nets 🙂

Thank you for giving us this opportunity, it has been welcomed in our house with such love and happiness 🙂

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