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Witi Ihimaera is one of New Zealand’s most prolific and accomplished writers and he now brings us The Astromancer – The Rising of Matariki  – a lively story revealing the tradition of Matariki.

The Astromancer is looking for four new apprentices to learn about Matariki and the Maramataka calendar. She chooses three boys and an orphan girl, Aria, who will come only if she can bring her smelly dog. Aria, though, is bored by the lessons, and she doesn’t want to be told what to do.

But these are dangerous times, and Ruatapu the Ravenous is about to threaten the safety of the whole tribe. Will Aria step up to save them?

Beautifully illustrated by Isobel Joy Te Aho-White The Astromancer – The Rising of Matariki is also available in Te Reo Maōri as Te Kōkōrangi.

Ella (8 years) reviews The Astromancer: The Rising of Matariki below ⬇️

Te Kōkōrangi and Aria

Ella and The Astromancer

I’ve been really enjoying learning about Matariki at school so I was excited to receive The Astromancer – The Rising of Matariki by Witi Ihimaera to review.

This book is based around Te Kōkōrangi (The Astromancer) and Ariā an orphan girl who became one of Te Kōkōrangi ‘s four apprentices.

The journey

Te Kōkōrangi and her apprentices go on a journey to learn about how the Matariki stars first appeared and why Matariki is important.

After the death of her parents by Ruatapu the Ravenous, Ariā is used to being on her own and not needing to rely on others. She doesn’t not like being told what to do nor does she have trust in others. She only went on this journey so her dog would not go hungry.

Ariā has her own journey of self-discovery of learning to enjoy life again, self-control, to work with others and kindness.

The Astromancer

After Ruatapu comes back and takes Te Kōkōrangi, Ariā and the other apprentice have to work together to prepare for the rising of Matariki ceremony. Aat first Ariā didn’t think she could do it, but with the encouragement of the other apprentices, they all worked together and completed ceremonials to save their Iwi.

Ella recommends

I’ve really enjoyed this book as it relates to what we are learning at school. I found it really easy to read and follow and I enjoyed all of the beautiful pictures. I’m looking forward to taking this book to school for my teacher to read to the class as part of our learning about Matariki.

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