Christmas Gifts | Review Of LEGO® Ninjago® Kai’s Golden Dragon Raider

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This Christmas, 90 wonderful years since the LEGO® Group began developing a world of play, there’s a LEGO gift that will delight and inspire creativity and play no matter where your child’s interests and passions lie.

We asked Amy and her ninja and LEGO-loving kids to review a new LEGO set. Read their review below.

LEGO® Ninjago® Kai’s Golden Dragon Raider

LEGO® Ninjago® Kai’s Golden Dragon Raider (71773)

Ninja fans aged 8+ can recreate thrilling action from the NINJAGO®: Crystalized TV series with this super cool LEGO® Ninjago® Kai’s Golden Dragon Raider playset featuring Kai’s multi-terrain vehicle complete with a cockpit, two cannons with four shooters, and golden dragon blades. Fold the Raider’s back wheels to convert it from road mode to walker mode. The set includes minifigures of Golden Kai, Golden Dragon Zane, Skylor, General Mister F, Vengestone Brute and two Vengestone Warriors.

The reviewers

Amy is mum to three boys aged 14, 10, and 5, so LEGO sets and ninjas are already a regular part of her life. Two of her boys, Asher (14) and Boaz (10) were the lucky ones chosen to make the set.

Amy’s top LEGO tips

Playing with a LEGO set is kind of a big deal in our family. With three boys (14, 10 and 5), our LEGO collection has its very own cupboard at our house. I love that it can keep the kids entertained for hours and hours, that it can be used by all ages and stages of childhood, and that it can be passed down the family.

Here’s what I have learned from over a decade of boy parenting with LEGO sets.

  1. Set aside a specific place that the project can be worked on until completion! I love these sets as you can open a bag at a time and work through the manual until that component is complete.
  2. Have a LEGO storage area. We have a large cupboard under our bench. The newest builds go on the top shelf and the large bins of LEGO bricks go on the bottom shelf.
  3. When friends and family ask ‘what do your kids want for birthday/Christmas’, specify LEGO sets. This saves your house from being filled up with junky toys and allows the gift buyer to spend what they can afford. Prices start from a few dollars.
  4. Constructing with LEGO bricks helps children build many skills including problem solving, patience and resilience through fun, tactile play. The frustration is evident when the kids are building, however they don’t ‘give up’ like they often do when they are doing homework as they have chosen to do the build and they are really excited to play with the finished product.
  5. The best thing about LEGO sets is that it never gets old and NEVER goes out of fashion. The LEGO Group is so great at staying up to date with the latest trends. 

The review

LEGO Ninjago Kai’s Golden Dragon Raider

My big boys tackled this project together. Asher (14) started with bag one and Boaz (10) worked on bags five onwards (building the legs). It was great that they could work independently but have each other for support.

They worked for two hours solid and managed to get the entire set built! Between them, they have years and years of experience building LEGO sets – these LEGO building machines got stuck in and made it a competition to see who could get their bag finished first. I imagine it would take a single child quite a few happy hours.

The result was quite breathtaking! The machine has many moving components and lots of figurines and weapons (including missiles that fire from the wings of the vehicle) that the younger kids will spend hours playing with! This is definitely the MOST EPIC set they have built! 

Overall, we reckon that if that turned up under the tree this Christmas, there would definitely be a very happy recipient!

Amy, Asher and Boaz

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