The Benefits Of Yakult For Gut Health

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A healthy gut is important for the health and well-being of every family member. Digestion of the foods we eat, absorption of nutrients, and the fuelling of our bodies all rely on good gut health.

Read on to discover how drinking one bottle of Yakult each day is a refreshing and easy way for you and your kids to restore and maintain the balance of beneficial bacteria in the gut, essential for digestive health.

Beneficial bacteria

Probiotics are live beneficial bacteria that help the overall harmonious balance of bacteria in the digestive system. However, not all probiotics can achieve the same health outcomes as the unique bacteria in Yakult.

Yakult is a fermented milk drink that contains a very high concentration of the unique bacteria Lacticaseibacillus paracasei Shirota (LcS) strain. This beneficial bacteria was named after Dr Shirota who first discovered this unique strain in 1930. This probiotic strain can only be found in Yakult, with over 85 years of scientific research behind its benefits and effective use.

The benefits of Yakult include:

  • It survives and reaches the intestines alive, enabling delivery of the benefits.
  • It positively improves the balance of your gut, by increasing the number of beneficial bacteria.
  • It encourages improved stool consistency.

There are many things that can upset the balance of bacteria in your gut. These can include stress, ageing, some medications, and a poor diet. Probiotics can assist in maintaining the balance of good and potentially harmful bacteria in the gut.

The beneficial bacteria strain in Yakult is scientifically proven to survive the journey through the gastric juices to reach the small intestine alive. Each 65ml bottle contains 6.5 billion of these highly acid-resistant bacteria, exclusive to Yakult. This means that every millilitre of Yakult contains 100 million (100, 000, 000) of the live LcS strain!

Consistency is key

Probiotic bacteria don’t stay in the gut long-term. Drinking one bottle of Yakult daily is the best way to ensure you replenish the LcS levels. Probiotics require time to take action so it’s recommended that Yakult is consumed daily for at least two weeks to allow for the bacteria to begin influencing your family’s health.

Yakult can also be used in other ways – like adding it to cereals, smoothies, milkshakes, cheesecakes or other cold foods. Avoid adding Yakult to hot foods and drinks as high temperatures may kill some of the bacteria.

Yakult is suitable for children who can safely consume cow’s milk and citrus fruits without any allergies or sensitivities. Children can drink Yakult as part of their normal diet when they start on solids as part of a healthy and varied diet. For younger children, you may prefer to dilute or give a smaller amount of Yakult.

Get your Yakult in New Zealand

There are two different types of Yakult available in New Zealand, Yakult Original and Yakult LIGHT.

Yakult Original is available in a 5 and 10 pack of 65ml bottles with each containing 6.5 billion live beneficial bacteria. Each 65mL bottle of Yakult contains sufficient beneficial bacteria as a single serve.

Yakult LIGHT offers all the same benefits and same high number of beneficial bacteria as the Original but with less sugar. Yakult LIGHT is available in a 5-bottle pack.

Making Yakult

Yakult’s Australian factory is a technologically advanced manufacturing facility. It incorporates some of the latest food processing equipment. Strict standards apply to producing Yakult, ensuring a drink yield that is close to 99% (this means that 99% of the raw ingredients end up in the bottle). There are no by-products and little waste. The Yakult factory is based in Dandenong, Victoria and makes Yakult for the whole of Australia and New Zealand.

Yakult Australia also offers guided Virtual Reality Factory Tours!

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Written by Kidspot NZ with information supplied by Yakult.

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