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Kumon offers individualised Maths and English programmes that, over time, can help students study advanced material confidently and independently for success in school and everyday life.

Starting school for the very first time can be an exciting, yet daunting step for children and their parents. But 5-year-old Esmael likely experienced a smooth transition because of the preparation he did with Kumon Mathematics and English.

At the time, Esmael studied both Kumon Mathematics and English programmes one year ahead of his school grade level, meaning he has already covered fundamental maths and reading concepts that he will encounter in his first year of school.

For his mother Samsam, this was extra reassurance that Esmael would thrive.

“Esmael’s gained so much confidence and focus,” Samsam said. “Now he doesn’t get distracted as quickly as he used to. Even with the background noise or the other kids asking questions, he still concentrates and just focuses on his task.

I think that will really help him with starting school and I wouldn’t really worry about the academic aspect of school,” she said. “He can just focus more on developing social skills and making friends.”

Samsam said prior to enrolling Esmael into Kumon, she was trying to prepare him for school on her own.

“I was trying to teach him at home by myself and I found it quite challenging,” Samsam explained. “I wanted someone to help me at least get the basics correct, like his pencil grip and basic writing.”

Preparation for school and beyond

Kumon worksheets are also designed to help early learners prepare for school and beyond. Kumon Mathematics begins with number recognition, counting, and number writing. Kumon English begins with word recognition, letter sounds, and letter writing. There are also worksheets that develop the ability to use a pencil.

Esmael said he likes Kumon and that it’s helping him to become a better learner. He wants to become a police officer when he grows up. Samsam said no matter what path Esmael chooses to pursue as an adult, that the fundamental mathematics and reading skills he is learning at Kumon will be of benefit.

“Esmael does both English and maths with Kumon. So, if he changes his mind and decides to have a career in STEM, he will already have that strong maths knowledge,” Samsam said.

“Regardless of what career Esmael chooses, it’s really important for him to have those strong communication skills, both written and verbal, to have good grammar, good sentence structure, because regardless of what you do, it’s really important to have solid communication skills.”

Confident learners have an advantage

Kumon students get the basics right before progressing to more advanced work. Have a confident start to 2024 with Kumon Mathematics and English.

Find out how Kumon can develop in your child:

  • calculation and reading ability
  • concentration
  • a daily study and reading habit
  • the confidence to learn independently

To learn more about how your child can start school Kumon confident, contact your nearest Kumon centre.

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Written by Kidspot NZ with information supplied by Kumon New Zealand.

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