Wash Like The Wiggles!

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What if children found hand washing as fun and engaging as singing and dancing with The Wiggles?

A new study commissioned by Dettol, New Zealand’s most trusted brand in household cleaning^, has revealed a surprising trend in hand hygiene: 84% of New Zealand children (aged 3 – 6) don’t wash their hands properly by not washing for the 20+ seconds recommended by health experts1. Surprisingly, only a third consistently use soap every time they wash.

Dettol recognises the challenges parents and teachers face in encouraging proper hand hygiene among young children and is committed to helping address the current hygiene gap. The research found encouraging insights that will help parents and teachers in their quest to get kids to wash their hands. The key? Making hand washing fun! This compelling new data has led to a groundbreaking partnership between Dettol and the ultimate role models for children – The Wiggles.

^ New Zealand’s most trusted brand in household cleaning products category by Reader’s Digest^, which surveyed parents and teachers.

Improving hand hygiene with Dettol and The Wiggles

The newly released research from Dettol highlights the gap between awareness and action when it comes to hand hygiene practices. When not addressed, unhygienic practices can contribute to the spread of germs2 and increase the risk of children feeling unwell, resulting in more Kiwi children missing out on valuable playtime – a fundamental building block for childhood development3.

Through play, children develop creativity, imagination, social skills, emotional well-being, and physical health4. This is why Dettol is committed to helping keep the germs away and children at play by supporting families in establishing proper hygiene habits and helping to keep children at play as an essential part of childhood development.

While most parents will recognise the importance of handwashing, the research revealed that only 1 in 5 children always wash their hands after play, or after sneezing, coughing or blowing their nose. Surprisingly, 59.5% of children wash for 15 seconds or less, well below the recommended 20+ seconds5.

The study revealed opportunities for further education on the importance of handwashing after specific activities, such as touching pets or faces/mouths, highlighting a need for targeted education on the diverse situations where hand hygiene is crucial. Delving deeper into the reasons children miss out on handwashing, the study found that ‘forgetting’, ‘wanting to keep playing’, or ‘not thinking it’s necessary’ are the most significant reasons children skip the sink. This highlights a critical need to make handwashing more appealing to children.

In response to these findings, Dettol has partnered with The Wiggles, leveraging their infectious energy and educational expertise to help make handwashing fun. To help do so, the children’s entertainers have released a new song – Wash Like The Wiggles. This catchy song and accompanying dance routine transform handwashing education into an enjoyable experience, making it easier for children to learn and help adopt proper hygiene habits.

Watch the new song, Wash like the Wiggles!

“We know that play is fundamental in children’s learning and development, but it all comes to a halt when they’re unwell. Effective handwashing habits are one of the ways to help keep kids healthy, so we’ve made it our mission to help parents and educators teach their children how to wash their hands”, said Holly McCarthy from Dettol (Marketing Director – Reckitt Health ANZ). “With Wash Like The Wiggles, Dettol and The Wiggles are not only teaching children how to wash their hands properly, but also making handwashing fun and memorable. By keeping the germs away, we can keep the children at play,” said Holly.

Hear from Simon Wiggle

“We understand that teaching children about hygiene can be as challenging as getting them to eat their veggies. That’s why we’re pleased to work with Dettol on a unique approach to education that resonates with children and helps vital messages like these stick,” commented Simon Wiggle. “We’re super excited to be part of this great initiative, spreading joy instead of germs” he continued.

Wash like the Wiggles

Introducing Dettol Kids Colour Foaming Handwash

To further keep the germs away and keep children at play, Dettol has today launched two new Kids Colour Foaming Handwashes in collaboration with The Wiggles. Designed to foam with bright colours, the new range helps to make even the tiniest hands eager to wash for longer!

Featuring two deliciously wiggly scents, Ready Steady Berry and Aloe Vera Shimmie Shake, the new range is the same Dettol Kiwis love, now with colourful foam for fun handwashing. Both are soft on skin, hard on germs, and kill 99.9% of germs.

Dettol Kids Colour Foaming Handwash
Dettol Kids Colour Foaming Handwash

Dettol invites parents, educators, and healthcare professionals to join forces in championing a playful approach to hand hygiene. By making handwashing fun and showing its importance in preventing the spread of germs, we can help children develop lifelong healthy habits, protect their well-being, and keep them playing, which is crucial for their development.

To learn more about Wash Like The Wiggles, visit Dettol.co.nz/Wash-like-the-Wiggles. The new Dettol x The Wiggles Kids Colour Foaming Handwash is available now in Woolworths, Chemist Warehouse, New World, Pak n Save and some pharmacy stores for $4.99.

Join the fun and wash your hands like The Wiggles with Dettol’s new Colour Foaming Handwash today!

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