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Get ready to welcome the most extraordinary penguin into your own home …

When the Stewarts spend a sunny, frosty December day at London Zoo, they’re enchanted by one small penguin. At the delight of young Imogen and Arthur, Mrs Stewart insists the penguin “must come and stay with them whenever he likes.”

But not one Stewart expects the penguin to turn up at their door that evening, rucksack labelled “Einstein” on his back …

The family’s new feathered friend helps Arthur to come out of his shell and makes massive demands on Imogen’s amateur sleuthing. But together they must find out why Einstein came to them and they must keep away from the mysterious white-coat man.

And Einstein can’t stay forever, can he?

‘This debut novel is a delight … A joy to read aloud’
Sunday Times Children’s Book of the Week

From stunning new writing talent Iona Rangeley, and illustrated with wit and brio by the award-winning David Tazzyman, this is a book that will be treasured for years to come.

Perfect for all readers from 7 to 70, Einstein the Penguin introduces an unforgettable new character in a future classic and fantastically funny debut for all the family to enjoy.

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See what our Kid Reviewer April thought about Einstein the Penguin ⬇️

“Einstein is a very inquisitive little penguin. He is on a mission to find a long lost friend. The Stewarts happily take the penguin in with open arms. He brings along his orange backpack full of strange photos of a penguin taken from different tourist locations around the world. Unlike any other penguin, Einstein has the capability to understand what his family is saying to him, and communicate back via a nod or tilt of his little grey head. There is no place that Einstein hasn’t been; he has seen it all, including the inside of Arthur’s backpack!

This story is full of action-packed drama and lots of crazy adventures. And who would have thought that it all started off with a trip to the local zoo?! This was such a great book that I read it twice through (and I don’t do that very often). Iona Rangeley has written this book so beautifully, and the illustrations by David Tazzyman just bring it to life. I suggest this book to all readers, experienced or not, as this is an easy and joyous read. You too can experience the joy of reading this book as well, and trust me, it’s worth every penny.”

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