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Suitable for readers in the 8 to 12 year age group, How I Became a Dog Called Midnight by author Ben Miller is an exciting read about a boy and a dog swapping places.

George and his father live next door to a family who have a very soppy dog. One night, George chases an escaped Midnight into the garden and they both fall into a fountain, magically lit by moonlight.

Suddenly, the two have swapped places: George is now a dog, and Midnight is a ten year old boy! Finding out what it’s like to be a dog is completely amazing, until George uncovers an evil plan that could threaten his home and needs to switch back again. Can the two save the day before the clock strikes twelve again, or will they be stuck in each other’s bodies forever?

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I’ve been reading How I Became a Dog Called Midnight.

It’s about a magician named Clive who is also a part-time thief experimenting with swapping the minds of creatures so he could sell the service to old people and make them young for a night (to make a small fortune).

The mix up happens when a boy called George and Clive’s dog Midnight had their minds swapped. I enjoyed it for its subtle and possibly unintentional humour, such as the time where George, in Midnight’s body, escaped the pound by sitting on one end of a seesaw while the other dogs sat on the other, throwing him over the fence. I recommend this book for most normal people under ten because it’s a fantasy book.


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