Spellbound Ponies: Dancing & Dreams by Stacy Gregg | Kids Book Review

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Spellbound Ponies: Dancing & Dreams is the latest in Stacey Gregg’s series of enchanting stories, taking the reader on magical pony adventures. The ponies of Pemberley Stables have been bound by magic and each of them is trapped in time. Can two brave girls help get them back?

Margot the dressage pony keeps getting all of her steps wrong. Can Olivia and Eliza help break the spell that is making her so clumsy and bring her back to the stables? Can they rescue ALL the ponies …

Watch Kids Book Reviewer Nina’s review of  Spellbound Ponies: Dancing & Dreams By Stacy Gregg ⬇️

See what our Kid Reviewer Nina thought about Spellbound Ponies: Dancing & Dreams By Stacy Gregg ⬇️

“I’ve been reading Spellbound Ponies: Dancing and Dreams by Stacy Gregg.

There are two girls from different time periods: Olivia is from our time, but Eliza is from a long time ago. They’ve joined together to save all the ponies at Pemberley stables.

I love this book because it has all my favourite things: dancing, magic and ponies.

Its number six in the Spellbound Ponies series, and you get to find out lots of things you wanted to know at the start of the series.

It’s a bit sad at then end but only a little. There might be more to come!”


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