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In Rabbit, Soldier, Angel, Thief, award-winning writer Katrina Nannestad transports us to Russia and the Great Patriotic War and into the life of Sasha, a soldier at only six years old. Find out what Kids Reviewer April thought of this moving story.

Wood splinters and Mama screams and the nearest soldier seizes her roughly by the arms. My sister pokes her bruised face out from beneath the table and shouts, ‘Run, Sasha! Run!’

So I run. I run like a rabbit.

It’s spring, 1942. The sky is blue, the air is warm and sweet with the scent of flowers.

And then everything is gone.

The flowers, the proud geese, the pretty wooden houses, the friendly neighbours. Only Sasha remains.

But one small boy, alone in war-torn Russia, cannot survive.

One small boy without a family cannot survive.

One small boy without his home cannot survive.

What that small boy needs is an army.

From the award-winning author of We Are Wolves comes the story of a young boy who becomes a soldier at six, fighting in the only way he can — with love. But is love ever enough when the world is at war?

Watch Kids Book Reviewer April review Rabbit, Soldier, Angel, Thief By Katrina Nannestad ⬇️

See what our Kid Reviewer April review of Rabbit, Soldier, Angel, Thief By Katrina Nannestad ⬇️

“Imagine being only six and a half years old, when all of a sudden war strikes. The German Nazis are a hard bunch to get rid of, but the Red Army of Russia certainly did the job, despite losing so many members in the process of that defeat.

Sasha’s sister, cat, mother and whole village were killed by the big-booted German prince-monsters, leaving him to fight with an army of once hundreds of warriors, but dwindling by the day. From mama’s ‘little rabbit’ to the Red Army’s treasured soldier, then the angel of Stalingrad, and thief of a German village, Sasha brings us along in his flashback journey, as the other German and Russian hospital patients gather to hear his fascinating tales.
Reading this story made me realise that, no matter what you’re going through, there will always be someone out there who is barely struggling to stay alive. We are so lucky, even with our pandemic, that we don’t suffer like the Russians and other poor victims of the Second World War did.

This heartwarming story has such an important message, and I must say that of all the books I have read, this one was just the icing on my cake. A lovely and suspenseful read for children aged 10 to 13.

Katrina Nannestad, you have opened our eyes to a greater look into the desolate world of war. Unbeatable, outstanding. A fascinating historical read.”


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