Book Review | Murray and Bun: Murray the Viking by Adam Stower

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Adventure lies beyond the cat flap!

Meet your favourite new duo: Murray and Bun!

Murray is a cat. Murray loves snoozing, fluffy blankets, and peace and quiet.

Bun is a bun. Bun loves … EVERYTHING!

And together they are unstoppable!

Sometimes Murray’s enchanted cat flap leads to the garden … but mostly it leads to ADVENTURE!

And when Murray and Bun travel through the cat flap and find themselves in a land of Vikings, they’re given a very important mission: to travel to Troll Island and rescue Eggrik the Viking … if he hasn’t already been gobbled up by the trolls, that is.

Perfect for newly independent readers and fans of Bunny vs Monkey, Dog Man, Adventure Mice and Claude, this funny, exciting, and hugely loveable story – brilliantly illustrated throughout – will delight adventure-lovers young and old. After all, heroes come in all shapes and sizes!

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Read reviews from our Young Readers below!

Review from Eden, aged 9

Hi my name is Eden and I have just finished reading the book Murray and Bun by Adam Stower for Kidspot NZ.

I knew I was going to love this book when I saw the front cover and how cute Murray and Bun were. It was such a fun book to read, but wasn’t an ordinary story – you normally wouldn’t get a Viking cat and a sticky bun made into a character for instance!

This book brought a lot of emotions. Bun was always so happy and excited and Murray was a lot more curious. Together they made a great team.

Murray and Bun - Murray the Viking book review

Once I started reading it I couldn’t stop and I think everyone will be the same. You just can’t wait to see what happens to Murray and Bun.

The other thing that was really cool was that they showed you how to draw Murray and Bun at the end. I have already drawn multiple Murrays since finishing the book.

All kids 6 and older that love a fun, illustrated adventure book will want to read this. I give it 5 stars!

Review from Faith, aged 7

Thank you Kidspot for allowing me to review this book, it was so fun.

I enjoyed this book about Murray and Bun. Murray’s cat flap always leads to adventures. This time he and Bun go to find Eggrik the Viking and travel to Troll Island.

Only if Eggrik hasn’t already been eaten by trolls that is. Eggrik’s favourite food is – you guessed it, eggs!

Along their journey Murray and Bun learn about Vikings and trolls and we get to join them on their adventure-filled trip.

Murray and Bun - Murray the Viking book review

This book was so funny, especially the bit where Murray and Bun realize the trolls have carrots stuck up their noses as can be seen on the cover.

I would give this book a 5/5 and would recommend to other children my age who enjoy funny stories and would read this book again for sure.

Review by Harrison, aged 8.5

Murray and Bun is a new series by author Adam Stower. It is all about a cat called Murray and his best friend Bun, the rabbit. When Murray and Bun go through his enchanted cat flap, they end up going on all sorts of adventures!

Murray the Viking is about their adventures with the Vikings, with Murray being sent on a quest that may end up being very challenging for them both, with tricky bridges and trolls to deal with!

I really liked this book. It is funny and has really awesome pictures in it. It is very easy to read and understand. There is a cool guide to drawing Murray in the back of the book which I have given a go.

Murray and Bun - Murray the Viking book review

I would definitely recommend this book to other children, and I will be looking out for the next book to come out in the Murray and Bun series!

5/5 stars

Review by Sim, aged 8

My favourite things about it

I liked how on the way there was a very long boat, then on the way back it was a very short boat. It was funny. I also liked how Murray and Bun met the trolls and they did not eat them but the coolest thing I liked is how Murray’s cat flap was a magic cat flap that was so cool. I also liked how the last and best-tasting bun got changed into a rabbit named Bun which is one of Murray’s best friends!

Things that could be made better

One of the main things that could be made better is that the trolls could have chased Murray and Bun around. I also think that the chief should not have such a long beard because it looks weird. I think that the wizard should have also come with Murray and Bun.

Murray and Bun - Murray the Viking book review

Review by Zack, aged 8

[Murray and Bun – Murray the Viking] was about a wizard that was bad at wishes. There was a bunny and a rabbit also. The cat door became magic and they went on an adventure.

I liked this book and found it interesting. I didn’t want to stop reading it, so read it all at once.

Murray and Bun - Murray the Viking book review
Murray and Bun: Murray the Viking

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